A Parking and Transportation Management District (PTMD) is a defined geographic area that may include a mix of retail, entertainment, commercial, medical, educational, civic and residential uses in which City Council finds that traffic flow on public streets requires a higher level of management than commonly provided and determines that parking meters will facilitate traffic flow objectives.

How it Works

The process of creating of a PTMD may be initiated by the Director of the Austin Transportation Department. Additionally, a representative of a business organization, real estate developer or other stakeholder that is located completely or partially within the proposed PTMD may file an application to create a PTMD with the Director.

In order to become a PTMD, an area with paid, on-street parking must add at least 100 new paid, on-street parking spaces and an area without paid, on-street parking must create at least 200 paid, on-street parking spaces. The goal of this requirement is to promote parking turnover and reduce high commuter idle. The PTMD dedicates 51 percent of the public paid parking revenue, less City expenses, to help with mobility improvements within the established district and can include park maintenance, signage, wayfinding and sidewalk improvements.


Current Parking Districts

Please email Parking@AustinTexas.gov to inquire and set up a meeting to discuss options.