The City Arborist Program administers the City of Austin's Tree Ordinance and issues permits to remove or impact regulated trees. On private property, the City regulates three classifications of trees: 8- to 18-inch diameter, Protected Trees, and Heritage Trees. Tree preservation requirements are detailed in Section 3 of the Environmental Criteria Manual.


Levels of Tree Ordinance Protection

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8" and larger

  • Survey required on commercial and multifamily site plan submittals
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19" and larger are Protected Trees

  • All species are protected
  • Tree permit required for removal or impacts (residential and public)
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24" and larger may be Heritage Trees

  • Applies to Pecans, Bald Cypress, Eastern Black Walnut, American Cedar Elm, All Oaks, as well as a few less common species
  • Variance required for removal or impacts that exceed code requirements
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30" and larger Heritage Trees

  • Proposed variances must go through public process

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