Demolition Process 

The demolition process requires a pre-demolition inspection and notification to adjacent residential structures for all total demolitions and qualifying partial demolitions that remove more than half of exterior walls. Please review the demolition permitting and notification process outlined on this webpage. 

Required forms and documents:

Commercial or Multi-Family: Site Plan Approval

For Commercial or Multi-Family Structures, an approved Site Plan is required to demolish work on the site before submitting the Demolition Building Permit Application. 

Apply for a Site Plan by visiting the Site Plan, Exemptions, and Corrections webpage to get approval for your demolition work:

  • For demolitions greater than 10,000 sq. ft., apply for a Site Plan Application.
  • For demolitions less than 10,000 sq. ft., apply for a Site Plan Exemption Application. 

If five or more currently occupied residential units will be demolished, tenant notification and a certified form may be required with your demolition application.

Before applying for the demolition, it is recommended to verify with the Land Development Information Services (Zoning/Site Plan/Change of Use) that new construction will be permitted at the site.

Step 1. Submit Demolition Building Permit Application

Before you apply for a Demolition Building permit, verify with the Land Development Information Services (Zoning/Site Plan/Change of Use) that new construction will be permitted at the site.


The Application Submission Requirements

The Demolition Permit Application includes submittal requirements for Residential and Commercial Structures.

*Helpful Contacts:


Commercial or Multi-Family Demolition Building Permit Application

Submit the Demolition Permit Application for commercial or multi-family demolitions through the Commercial Building Permit Web Form.

Commercial Building Permit Web Form

Residential Total Demolition Building Permit Application

Submit the Demolition Permit Application for single-family demolitions through the Residential Total Demolition Permit Web Form.

Res Total Demolition Permit Web Form

Step 2. Plan Review

Residential structures 45 years or older require review by the Historic Preservation Office (PDF) in the Housing and Planning Department and possibly the Historic Landmark Commission.

Proposed work that will remove, impact the critical root zone or prune more than 25% of the canopy of a protected size tree (19 inches or more in diameter) must be reviewed for a tree permit. The owner must request an inspection of erosion/sedimentation controls and tree protection before demolition begins.

Step 3. Permit Activation

For Building Permit Activation:

  • A Pre-Demolition Inspection Fee is required for total demolitions and partial demolitions, removing more than 50% of exterior walls.
  • The 100 Bldg. Pre-Construction Inspection will be included with demolition permits and added to additions and/or remodels, with more than 50% of exterior walls demolished.

For Trade Permit Activation:

  • The Plumbing Permit must be paid and activated before scheduling the 100 Bldg. Pre-Construction Inspection.
Step 4. Environmental & Trade Inspections

Prepare for Inspections:

  1. Install tree protection and erosion/sedimentation controls before any work occurs on your site. See the Tree Protection and Erosion Sedimentation Flowchart (PDF) for examples and contact information to schedule related inspections.
  2. Request disconnect and removal of services for Austin Energy and Austin Water by calling the City of Austin’s Utility Contact Center at 512-494-9400.
  3. Upload Refrigerant Disposal Acknowledgment to the building permit folder via the Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) portal before scheduling the 100 Bldg. Pre-Construction Inspection.

Schedule and Pass Inspections:

  1. Contact Environmental Inspections Administration at 512-974-2278 or
    • Pre-Construction Environmental Inspection
    • Pre-Construction Tree Inspection
  2. Schedule and pass using AB+C or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System:
    • 100 Bldg. Pre-Construction Inspection.
      The 510 Sewer Tap & 521 Final Plumbing inspections will also be conducted with the 100 PreCon.
Step 5. Pre-Construction Inspection

The 100 Bldg. Pre-Construction Inspection is the last inspection conducted prior to demolition

Inspector will verify:

  • Tree and environmental protections are in place, utilities are capped or appropriately addressed, trade permits passed; and
  • Refrigerant Disposal Acknowledgement (PDF) is uploaded to the building permit.

Upon verification, Building Inspector will provide the Demolition Notification Packet to General Contractor. This will include instructions and materials to help you notify adjacent properties:

  1. Contractor Instructions – 2 pages
  2. Door Hanger – 10 copies
  3. Notification Diagram – 1 page
  4. Multi-Family Instructions – 1 page
  5. Certified Letter & Flyer template – 3 pages
  6. Demolition Notification Acknowledgment – 1 page
  7. Yard Sign – 1 copy
Step 6. Demolition-Adjacent Notification Requirement

The contractor must complete the following Demolition Notification Requirements:

  • Five to 10 business days prior to demolition activity, General Contractor is responsible for:
    1. Filling out and placing the yard sign and door hangers according to the instructions and providing the appropriate materials to owners of surrounding multi-family properties, where needed. 
    2. Uploading Demolition Notification Acknowledgment to the building permit folder via Austin Build + Connect (AB+C) portal. This step starts the “notification window” of at least five days.
  • The minimum five-day ‘notification window’ starts the day the Acknowledgment is uploaded.


Under Texas trespassing laws, contractors providing demolition notifications have similar rights to access as delivery people, neighbors, or salespeople. If a clear path to the front door is available, place the notice on the door. If a clear path is blocked or does not exist, place the notice on a fence or other highly visible location. 

demolition notice diagram

Step 7. Begin Demolition

Demolition may begin after Demolition Notification Requirements are met and the minimum five-day “notification window” has closed.

After demolition has occurred, prepare for, schedule, and pass the required inspections to close the demolition building permit.

Environmental Inspections and revegetation are required if a vacant lot is proposed:

  1. 610 AW Temp Utilities & 611 Water Tap
  2. 620 Final Tree Inspection & 602 EV Final Inspection
  3. 112 Final Building

Standard New Construction inspections can begin for other projects once the demolition building permit is closed.

Demolition Permit Notifications Tool

Sign up to receive Demolition Notifications sent directly to your email! Visit Development Tracker and follow the instructions in the Overview section. You should receive an email like this:

Example email of a demolition notification. Notification includes information on the alert and has an option to review permits/cases.

Please note there is a known issue. The Permit/Case count may be incorrect. The issue has been identified and are working to fix this. Reach out to the Neighborhood Assistance Center if you need help.