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The Environmental Inspection Division performs inspections on permitted site plans for temporary and permanent erosion controls, stormwater controls, critical environmental features, protection of trees and natural areas, landscape installation, and compliance with site plan requirements. The environmental inspectors also respond to citizen complaints of possible environmental violations relating to active construction and initiate appropriate enforcement for noncompliant sites.

Prior to construction, a pre-construction conference is held between contractors, developers and environmental inspectors to ensure controls are compliant. Inspections are conducted periodically during construction to ensure that temporary erosion controls are compliant, remain in place, and development is consistent with approved plans. A final environmental inspection is required before the site work is considered complete.

Services Provided:

  • Inspect permitted land developments and construction sites for compliance with City environmental protection regulations
  • Perform site investigations and evaluate best management practices for erosion/sedimentation control and tree preservation and for compliance with landscape and tree ordinances
  • Perform final inspections of drainage facilities and other site improvements
  • Perform site investigations to evaluate the need for additional staff support (i.e. involvement of biologists and geologists)
  • Identify locations of environmentally sensitive resources
  • Provide technical assistance and education to citizens, community/special interest groups, developers, etc. on environmental/engineering code requirements, ordinances, and regulations
  • Provide testimony and affidavits for enforcement cases
  • Issue directives and initiate enforcement actions for non-compliance with environmental and drainage regulations


The inspectors are divided up geographically into north and South Zones, Barton Springs Zone, and Landscaping. There is also an enforcement component.

Commercial Tree and Environmental Inspectors:


Residential Tree and Environmental Inspectors:


Environmental Inspections: 

Inspector Phone List


Tree & Environmental Compliance
General Permit Inspections
Name Office Cell
Program Manager Chapman, David 512-974-4946 512-665-3396
Temp Admin. Specialist Rodela, Karen 512-974-2115  


Commercial Tree & Environmental
Compliance General Permit Inspections
Name Office Cell
EV Compliance Supervisor Kemp, Amanda 512-974-2292 512-661-6736
7 Randle, Arester   512-665-2964
  Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    
  Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    
  Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    
6 Eickstead, Jacob   512-902-2180


Commercial Tree & Environmental
Compliance General Permit Inspections

Name Office Cell
EV Compliance Supervisor Brown, Walter 512-974-6329 512-999-5679
2 Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    
3 Bogard, Michael   512-605-9705
  Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    
8 Mendoza, Marco   512-909-6645
5 Ruiz, Robert L.   512-665-2484


Enforcement / Sound & Music/ UST / Barton Spr Zoning Name Office Cell
EV Compliance Supervisor Garcia, Mario 512-974-9244 512-999-4051
4 and Landscape Inspector – City Wide Hendricks, Brent 512-974-9244 512-647-8034
9 and South  Adair, Lyle   512-605-8457
1 and North Wyrick, Amanda   512-999-4535
Sound & Music Eagan, Brian   512-496-7513
Sound & Music Crouch, Jason   512-299-3163
UST Simmons, Elizabeth 512-974-5611 210-213-8501
UST Goodwin, Hunter 512-565-8863 785-341-0490
Temp Admin. Specialist Serrano, Lisa 512-974-6578 512-826-6205


Residential Tree & Environmental Compliance Name Office Cell
Compliance Supervisor Dear, Doug 512-974-6353 737-213-0832
14 Campbell, Sarah   512-554-6314
16 Singleton, Levi   512-228-8196
16 Sponseller, Nate   512-202-0701
14 Wise, Martin   512-665-3932
10 Urrutia, Hugo   512-623-9505
14 Donahue, Dale   512-902-3280
16 Herron, Kymberli   512-921-1410
  Env Insp Spec Sr (Vacant)    



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