The Volume Builder Program is an optional expedited review process that enables volume builders to receive a faster turnaround on residential permit applications for new construction.

Builders interested in participating must complete an initial registration form and submit the required documentation.

Once the required documentation is submitted, it is assigned to review staff for acceptance into the program. If accepted, the builder will be eligible to submit building permits through the Volume Home Builder Program.


  • At least five single or two-family dwelling units on lots within the same subdivision, townhouse complex, or multi-family zoned lot with single or two-family dwellings.
  • The subdivision must have a minimum of 10 lots, with the exception of amended plats already in the program. 
  • All developable lots must front a paved street.
  • Must have access to water/wastewater service and may not have a septic connection


  • If lots are within Subchapter F.
  • If lots require a variance or waiver to any zoning or criteria manual requirement.
  • If lots require a land status determination.
  • Specialized Zoning Designations (LA, DR, RR, PUD, MU, etc.).
  • Airport or other conditional overlays.
  • Proximity to a pipeline.
  • Neighborhood Plan (NP) or Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (NCCD).
  • National Registered Historic District (NRHD).

Initial Registration

  • The builder must sign and notarize a Home Builder Certification Affidavit (PDF).
  • Registration is renewed annually for continuance in the program.
  • An appointment is required to establish an initial registration.

Master Review Application submittal requirements

The Volume Builder Status is unique to every new subdivision or site plan, section, and phase.
A new application form is required for every new subdivision or site plan, and before starting permitting in a new section or phase of a volume builder approved subdivision or site plan.
A new application form is also required to add prototypes to an approved volume builder subdivision or site plan. View/download Master Review Application (PDF).

The following documents are required in PDF form with your Master Review Application:

  1. PDF of the recorded plat or approved Site Plan
    Including general notes, address plat or address log, and lot split.
    Concurrent reviews are possible but the Master Review will not be approved until the Subdivision or Site Plan is approved.
  2. A vector-based PDF file of the Left and Right-hand versions of the prototype plans to be built in separate files.
    Each prototype should include all architectural and structural drawings for the prototype. The prototypes must show all elevation types and all possible options (if prototypes will have optional features).
    • Architectural Plans (Floor, Ceiling, Roof, Visitability Diagram), Elevations and Sections as applicable and required to show compliance with code.
    • Structural Plans for Framing and Wind Bracing, including associated details and notes.
    • Truss Layouts when pre-engineered floor and roof systems are employed. The truss package is not necessary at plan review but will be required by the field inspector. The truss layout must indicate the truss depth, span direction, and spacing at a minimum.
Residential Volume Builder Applications

After the Master Review Application is approved, the applicant will be able to start submitting applications for a permit in the volume builder approved subdivision(s) or site plan(s).

The submittal process is paperless. All applications must be submitted through the Austin Build + Connect website.

Follow the Austin Build + Connect Application Guidelines and Requirements to speed processing and ensure that all required materials are submitted.

Supplementary Forms
Residential Plan Review Checklists (For Reference Purposes)
Residential Inspection Checklists (For Reference Purposes)

Review Times

Current review times are 10 business days for Master Review and 5 business days for permit applications.

Excluded lots are subject to a 15-business-day turnaround. View current review times.


Initial registration and annual registration renewal fees are required.

The Master Review application requires a Zoning Review and a Prototype Technical Review per prototype, left and right garage orientation. Individual applications for permit obtain a reduced review fee for processing.

A resubmittal fee per Master Review case applies after the second resubmittal.
View Residential Review fees.


Audit reviews will be performed. Documented findings of non-compliance are notified to the applicant.

Major errors on 5% or more (not exceeding 10) of the dwelling units per calendar year could cancel registration for one year.


Lots with potential conflicts or requiring external reviews may be disqualified from the program at staff discretion. The applicant will be notified of excluded lots. View a list of lots with potential conflicts.

Model homes and other non-residential uses shall be submitted through the standard residential permitting process.

Contact Information

To set up a meeting to see if your project qualifies, or if you have any further questions, please e-mail the following Volume Builder Team Lead:

Gary Stubbins, Plans Examiner C