Temporary Use Permits


Property may only be used for its legal use (documented on a certificate of occupancy) and in the spaces on the property designated for occupancy (documented on a site plan or site plan exemption). The short-term use of a property in a space not approved for occupancy and/or for a different use may be authorized with a Temporary Use Permit.

The Development Services Department (DSD) issues Temporary Use Permits to authorize occasional, temporary uses and activities ONLY if they are:

  • consistent with the purposes of the zoning regulations; and
  • compatible with other nearby uses.


What you will find on this page:


iconSpecial Events and Right of Way Permits

If the proposed temporary use will attract more than 50 attendees at any one time this is considered a special event. Please apply for a special event permit instead of a temporary use permit. More information about Special Event permits can be found at the Austin Center of Events.

If you are proposing a temporary activity or use that involves public property (such as a public sidewalk or street), you will need to apply for a Right of Way permit.  More information about Right-Of-Way permits is located on the Right-of-Way Permits webpage.


iconHow to Apply


Step 1  Confirm that the Proposed Activity is Allowed as a Temporary Use

Activities that may be permitted as a temporary use include:

  • Small outdoor fair, fundraiser, art show, exhibit, or similar activity (less than 50 people)
  • An outdoor special sale (swap meet, flea market, parking lot sale, etc.)
  • Christmas tree and seasonal agricultural or horticultural sales
  • Onsite construction field office
  • Seasonal or temporary daycare
  • Other similar activities upon approval of the Building Official


Step 2  Complete Permit Application

You will need to download Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF) and fill out required information.

Please note, the use (or activity) you are proposing must be located on private property and for gatherings of less than 50 people at any one time to be eligible for this permit.

Note: Application must be submitted at least ten (10) days before the requested date for beginning the temporary use. The application must include a site plan drawn to scale. Property owner permission must be obtained.


Step 3  Submit (or Email) Permit Application

Next, you will submit your permit application to the AB+C Portal  You may also email your application to Bryan.Walker@austintexas.gov.

The permit fee can be paid online and after the application is approved the active permit can be emailed to you. 


step 4  After Approval

After your permit application is approved, you will be notified. You will need to print your approved application and keep it on site. 

iconAdditional Information

Chapter 25-2-921 of the City of Austin Land Development Code governs Temporary Uses.

iconContact and Appointments 



For questions about Temporary Use permits please call Bryan Walker at 512-974-2686 or email bryan.walker@austintexas.gov.



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