If you're doing any work in the ROW, or if your work requires using any part of the ROW, then you need a ROW permit. 

Does your work fall within the ROW?  Use these tips and tricks for determining the ROW.

ROW Permits:

Driveway/Sidewalk (DS) Excavation (EX) Film Parking
Sidewalk Cafe Valet Vendor Temporary Use of Right of Way (TURP)

The table above reflects each of our permit types. 

If you need to resolve permit conflicts, use our Conflict Resolution Email Template.

If you are uncertain which permit type might be right for you, begin by identifying the purpose of your work.  Use the guides below to help you identify the purpose. 



ROW development work is typically permitted under a DS, EX, and/or TURP. 

There are three categories of development work:

  • Commercial - this work is typically associated with a Consolidated Site Plan (SP), Non-Consolidated Site Plan (SP), Site Plan Exemption (DA), New Subdivision (C8), General Permit (GP), Small Project Exemptions, or a Commercial Building Permit (BP).
  • Residential - this work is typically associated with a Residential Building Permit (BP) and is related to building a single or two-family dwelling or townhouse.
  • Stand-Alone - this work is not associated with Commercial or Residential development.



ROW emergency work is typically permitted under an EX or TURP. 

Emergency work is defined as operations or repairs of facilities to prevent imminent harm to the health, safety, or welfare of persons or property. 


Permit Extension/Revision

Permit extensions and revisions are commonly requested for adding workdays, implementing a phase change, adjusting a traffic control plan, and changing workdays/times.  For more info on extending/revising your permit, click on the applicable permit link in the table above.


Capital Improvement Project (CIP)

ROW CIP work is typically permitted under an EX and/or TURP.

CIP is a type of contract for delivery of supplies or service on behalf of the City.  There are two categories of CIP work:

  • Standard
    • This work typically has a longer duration and impacts one specific location. 
  • Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
    • This work typically has a shorter duration and impacts multiple locations.


ROW Definitions

Check out our list of ROW Definitions to help you as you work through our permitting process.


ROW Flowcharts

Use the ROW Permitting Process flowchart (coming soon!) for a step-by-step guide on how to obtain a permit.  Use the ROW Conflict Resolution Flowchart for a step-by-step guide on how to resolve a conflict.