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What is the Downtown Austin Project Coordination Zone (DAPCZ)?

The DAPCZ encompasses downtown proper. Per Ordinance 14-11-167, activities within this zone must coordinate with one another before construction can begin.

What is the DAPCZ meeting? Why is it important?

The DAPCZ meeting is a monthly virtual gathering run by Right of Way Management, attended by City, utility, and private project representatives.  The meetings allow neighboring projects to review the DAPCZ project list.  Project representatives coordinate via construction phasing, sharing of work zones, and joint trenching.  These meetings allow for regular communication with other project managers and area stakeholders.

Who needs to attend the DAPCZ meeting?  What projects need to be added to the DAPCZ project list?

A knowledgeable project representative must attend all monthly DAPCZ meetings while their project remains on the project list.  A project must be added to the list if it falls within the DAPCZ boundaries and meets one of the following conditions:

  • Excavation of 25 linear feet or greater
  • Work lasting 31+ days
  • Any work associated with a long-term project

When are the DAPCZ meetings?

DAPCZ meetings are held virtually on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  The meeting link is included in the meeting invite which is sent out to all parties who have requested to be added to the DAPCZ Project List.  Meetings typically run from 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  

How do I add a project to the DAPCZ Project List?

Email project details to DAPCZ Coordinators at ROWProjectCoordination@austintexas.gov. We ask that a new project is added to the project list three months prior to the start of construction.  The email subject line should read "New DAPCZ Project".

  • NEW
    • Project Name:
    • Project Location:
    • Project Description (detailed):
    • Name, Phone #, Email Address of Project Manager:
    • Project Owner:
    • Start Date (estimated):
    • Duration (estimated):
    • Project Status (e.g. active Site Plan, pending General Permit):
    • Comments:
  • Comments should provide a detailed description of project state including set up, closures, work phase, durations, subcontractors, etc.

How do I update the DAPCZ Project List?

Email project updates to DAPCZ Coordinators at ROWProjectCoordination@austintexas.gov. Provide the information listed below no later than noon the Friday before the next DAPCZ meeting.  The email subject line should read "DAPCZ Project Update".

    • Project Name:
    • Project Location:
    • Comments:
  • Comments should explain the current set up, changes to closures, work phase updates, duration updates, subcontractor updates, etc.  "No change" is not acceptable answer.