If you are performing student or commercial filming activities in the right of way, including b-roll footage, still photography, and blocking, directing, impeding, or rerouting of any/all traffic modes, this is the permit you will need. Read "Film Considerations" for a list of specific types of work.

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What do I need to know before applying for my Film Permit?

  • You must provide the following documents:
    • The approved Austin Police Department (APD) Application
    • A detailed map showing your filming location, including staged equipment and parking
    • Insurance
    • A Notification and Signoff Form delivered to all adjacent properties (i.e. property owner, manager, or resident)
      • Adjacent properties are those that are immediately next to an impacted area
      • Make at least two attempts to contact; if contact cannot be made then submit a statement noting the dates the attempts were made
      • This is NOT required when only performing b-roll activity
    • A Traffic Control Plan (TCP) and Letter of Intent from your barricade company, if performing any right of way closures
      • If an engineered TCP will be used, email TCPReview@austintexas.gov for review/approval.  Type "Film" at the beginning of the subject line.
  • You must submit your request for APD approval a minimum of five (5) days in advance.
  • You must submit your request for a film permit a minimum of three (3) days in advance.
  • There is no cost for a right of way film permit.
  • If you're filming on private property and parking is necessary, you must apply for a Parking Permit.
  • If the date, time, or nature of the film activity changes, it will be necessary to update the APD Application and Notification and Signoff forms and redistribute them.


How is b-roll activity defined?

B-roll is defined as short-duration filming.  In the City of Austin, filming of 15 minutes or less, in one location, can be permitted as b-roll.  If only filming b-roll, then the Notification and Signoff process does not apply. 

When applying for a b-roll permit, do not list every impacted block/street segment.  Instead, list only the four properties that capture the boundary of your B-roll filming area: one property for the northernmost point, one property for the southernmost point, one property for the easternmost point, and one property for the westernmost point.  If capturing B-roll in the downtown area, use the following four properties:

  • 101-118 E MLK Blvd
  • 2239-2308 Barton Skwy
  • 700-715 Chicon St
  • 1300-1317 Newfield Ln

If capturing B-roll across the whole city, use the following four properties:

  • 17100-17321 Ennis Trl
  • 5600-5621 Boros Dr
  • 10500-11911 Blue Bluff Rd
  • 990-9917 Fallow Run

Read more about the requirements for b-roll in the "Film Considerations" document linked above. 


How do I apply for a Film Permit?

Read “How to Apply for Permits on the ABC Website”.  Log in to ABC to apply for the permit:

  • Select "Apply for Right of Way Permits / Special Events" from the menu on the left side of the screen, then select "Right of Way" to view application options
  • Description: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
    • Example: ABC Film Co. will film an action scene from our movie “Big Trouble in Little ROW” at the 400 blk of Lavaca St between W 5th and W 6th St. Will use APD for all traffic control.  One camera truck and one still camera.  Filming will occur from 10pm-2am on 01/01/20-01/02/20.  
  • Meter numbers you’ll be occupying