The City of Austin realizes and appreciates the value of the film industry. An economic impact study commissioned in 2011 estimates the total economic impact of film and visual media at a little over $280 million annually.


Faces of Austin is a short film program showcasing works by Austin filmmakers which reflect the many diverse faces, voices, & experiences of Austin. The films can be seen on AXTN, the City's government access channel; online; and at special screenings.


The City of Austin strives to make Austin the best place for filmmakers to live and work. Here are some of the reasons MovieMaker ranked us #1 on their 2015 list of Top 10 Cities to be a Moviemaker:

  • No fees for right-of-way permits for filming
  • No rental/reservation fees for filming on City property
  • Recycling programs for filmmakers
  • Up to 2 free police officers, if the production meets the criteria to receive incentives
  • Dedicated staff to help navigate any film issues
  • Deep pool of seasoned crew and production staff
  • Creative, film-friendly community

The City does not require filmmakers to get a “film permit” before filming in our city; however, specific permits may be required if filming occurs in the right-of-way, in a City park, at the airport, or under other circumstances. Please review the FAQ to determine whether a permit is required for your production or call Kim McCarson 512-974-7963 or with any questions. Also visit the Austin Film Commission page for general information on filming in Austin.

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