Austin Film Commission

The Austin Film Commission, a department of Visit Austin, provides resources to film and television productions in the Austin area. Austin is home to a talented crew base and great vendors that will give you more production value per-dollar spent. The Austin Film Commission supplies referrals to local crew, equipment and support services. The Commission also assists with location research as well as generally guide filmmakers on working in Austin.

For details about these services, please contact Brian Gannon at or 512-583-7230.

State of Texas
  • Texas Facilities Commission
    Commercial Parking and Special Events is responsible for managing day-time and after-hours use of state parking and office facilities. These uses include parking, movie productions, special events, and tailgating. Learn more about Films & Photography on State Property or contact
  • Texas Film Commission
    The Texas Film Commission provides incentives for qualifying films that are made in Texas. Visit the Texas Film Commission for a searchable database of 1,300+ Texas-based crew members and support services, and for weekly updates of the Production Hotline, listing cast and crew calls throughout Texas. Other services include: Free information and assistance to projects of all types and budgets; referrals to crew, equipment and support services; location research; guidance on filming on State-owned property, including highways, buildings and parks; and information on sales tax exemptions for items used in production. For more information, contact or 512-463-9200.
  • Capital Grounds
    To film on the State Capital Grounds, make a request to the State Preservation Board.
  • Public Properties
    In order to film on a state-owned building, park, or other property a request must be submitted to the Texas Film Commission. For information, contact or 512-463-9200.
  • University of Texas at Austin
    Filming on the University of Texas at Austin campus is overseen by University Marketing and Communications. Visit Filming & Photography Guidelines and contact with any questions.
Production Facilities
  • Austin Studios, a nonprofit organization, provides production offices, construction and shooting space, storage, acres of parking and a dailies screening room, all on land leased from the City. Contact Austin Studios for information on rates and availability: 512-322-0145 (phone),  512-322-5192 (fax).
  • Austin Public is a non-exclusive and content-neutral media studio that offers low- and no-cost training, equipment, facilities, and cablecasting services to all Austinites. Its programs empower individuals and nonprofit organizations to create film and media projects that speak to the local community, facilitate community building, and diversify the media landscape. Austin Public operates cable channels 10, 11, and 16 (cable channel 10 being the longest continually running public access station in the country) and simultaneously streams live on the Austin Public website.
  • Austin Materials Marketplace is a resource for film productions to source low-cost, reused materials for sets and props; as well as an option for sustainably disposing of sets, costumes, props, or other items without a clear recycling or reuse option. Contact: info(at) or 512-981-5417.
  • Austin Production Directory: The Austin Film Commission’s online Austin Production Directory includes more than 1,900 comprehensive listings and credits of film crew, film-related businesses and support services.
  • Texas Production Directory: Search the Texas Production Directory for talented Texas crew personnel, companies, and organizations from the film, television, commercial, video game, and animation-related industries.
Universities & Colleges
Community Organizations