The Transportation and Public Works Department, Office of Special Events team, oversees the right of way, such as streets, sidewalks, and alleys. We issue permits for sporting and creative events, such as festivals, cultural arts, and block parties. The department provides a case manager for each event to interact and coordinate between affected parties, enforces laws and regulations of the right of way, reviews traffic control plans, and prioritizes mobility. 

Some examples of permitted uses are:

Right of way use examples

Please review the linked Transportation and Public Works Street Event Permit Types and Fees presentation for additional information or visit the Austin Center for Events Event Permit Guide.

For information about hosting a Neighborhood Block Party, you can visit the linked webpage and view the general requirements below: 

A block party IS

  • Open to all residents 
  • A single block closure that does not include cross streets  
  • A one-time closure of a residential street

A block party IS NOT*:

  • An event that includes vendors 
  • An event with alcohol sales  
  • A street closure request on an arterial or collector street (high-capacity urban road) 

*Not a block party? 

  • Do you want to close high-capacity roads? You can apply for a Special Event permit through the Austin Center for Events using the Event Permit Guide.

Contact Transportation and Public Works Department, Office of Special Events at or 512-974-6501

Guiding Documents:

Ordinance 14-8 - Temporary Closure for Special Events and Block Parties

Ordinance 4-20 - Special Events