Austin Water Pipeline Engineering is committed to providing quality customer service with exemplary plan reviews to ensure compliant, constructible and maintainable infrastructure.  Pipeline Engineering's overall responsibility is the review, permitting and management of all public and private development projects for water, wastewater and reclaimed water infrastructure to ensure compliance with Federal, State and city standards, specifications, and requirements.



New Paperless Electronic Plan Review Introduced

Austin Water is continually working to improve our customer service and is pleased to announce the development of our new paperless initiative for the Commercial Plan Review work group. This new process provides you with serviceable, electronically transmitted plans that save time and resources. This initiative aligns with the City of Austin and Austin Water’s Strategic Direction 2023, Effective Utility Management strategies and Customer Experience initiatives.  

You may be aware that Austin Water’s Residential Plan Review functions have been fully electronic since 2015. We are now extending these capabilities to the Commercial Plan Review group as well. Austin Water Pipeline Engineering work group will perform complete sites plans and subdivision plans, project reviews and approvals electronically, effective March 23, 2020. 

The document herein will find a one page step by step process guide for this process. Should you have additional questions, please reach out to the case specific project coordinator or me by phone or email. 


Typical projects include:

  • Sites and Subdivisions Plans
  • Site Plan Exemptions
  • City of Austin General Permits/Capital Improvement Projects
  • Other Non-permitted projects such as Counties, University of Texas and school projects, Texas Department of Transportation, Water Control Improvement District, Cap Metro and other entity projects
  • Miscellaneous Projects such as Fire lines, Clearances and Adjustments etc…
  • Review License Agreements, Right of Way Vacations, Easement Releases

Other responsibilities include:

  • Provide Input to Austin Water Standards Committee on products and Utility Criteria Manual
  • Work with Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Conduct Field Visits

House Bill 3167

Checklists and General Construction Notes:

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) and General Permits:


Technical Manuals and Resources:

The following are links to the various helpful resources and technical manuals that identify the required standards and criteria professional engineers must comply with when designing public water, reclaimed water and wastewater systems in the Austin area.

Pipe Restraint Calculators
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - Current Rules and Regulations
City of Austin/Austin Water - Standard Specifications, Standard Details and Utility Criteria Manual
Texas Department of Transportation 

Miscellaneous Austin Water Links