To obtain reclaimed water service, email with your street address to determine if reclaimed water is available in your area. Not all areas of Austin have access to reclaimed water, and reclaimed water is not suitable for all customers. Austin Water can also provide information on special requirements, including signage, purple sprinkler heads, purple sprinkler control covers, and backflow prevention.

Apply for permits

For new construction or conversion for existing commercial customers, approved construction plans and valid permits are needed to connect to the reclaimed water system. Plans are submitted to Austin Water (625 E 10th Street, 4th Floor, 512-972-0108) and the City's Plumbing Department (505 Barton Springs Road, 3rd Floor, 512-972-2720). Reclaimed water irrigation plans require review and approval for a plumbing permit. For conversion, only a plumbing permit is required. Please note that payments are not allowed through the Coupon Permit Booklet Program.

Plan Review and Inspection Fees

If applicable, pay plan review and inspection fees.

You do not have to pay plan review and inspection fees until construction plans are approved. Fees are paid at Austin Water's TAPs Office at 625 E. 10th Street, 2nd floor.

Schedule a pre-construction conference

Meet with the construction inspector to review clarify construction issues and with the Special Services Division for specifics on cross-connection prevention.

Making improvements

With valid permits you, or your contractor, can now make necessary improvements.

Schedule backflow and plumbing inspections

City ordinances require that any property receiving reclaimed water service have backflow prevention devices on the reclaimed water and potable water system service lines. Additionally, a cross-connection test is required to assure that on-site potable water plumbing wasn't inadvertently connected to the reclaimed water plumbing. These tests are performed prior to receiving service and are conducted by a third party who submits the results to Austin Water.

Apply for service and pay meter (tap) fee

The application for reclaimed water service requests basic information about how and where the reclaimed water will be used. It also contains information on general and opeartions requirements. After completing this application, submitting a Customer Service Inspection form to verify cross-connection inspections, and paying a meter fee, an inspector will deliver the meter. After instaling the meter, reclaimed water service begins. The application can be obtained at, and meter fees paid at, the Utility's TAPs Office.