In order to make reclaimed water available to customers with water hauling trucks, Austin Water has constructed, reclaimed water, bulk water facilities at several locations within the Austin area.  The goals behind the idea to construct reclaimed water bulk water facilities are to conserve potable water when the use of water is for non-potable use, begin to minimize the use of fire hydrants for non-potable needs and to make reclaimed water available to interested parties who do not have direct access to a City reclaimed water main via a reclaimed water meter. 

Reclaimed Water

The reclaimed water from the bulk water facility may be used for non-potable uses including but not limited to:

  • tree irrigation,
  • dust control,
  • construction uses,
  • etc. 


Prepaying for Bulk Water

The bulk water facilities are automated facilities which operate on a prepaid basis.  To access the facility an account must be set up and an amount must be prepaid to your account.

For more information about reclaimed water, please see the Water Reclamation Initiative webpage.



The reclaimed water bulk water facilities are placed in areas around Austin where a reclaimed water main was available, large fire hydrant demand is estimated to be high and City owned property was available. 


Set Up a Bulk Water Account

Reclaimed water bulk water facilities are accessed using a key pad and an issued account number and personal identification number, each of which is supplied when an account is set up. 

Accounts may be charged an annual inactivity fee for each year the account remains inactive until there is a zero dollar account balance.

You will need to fill out the application and bring it along with the amount of money you would like to put toward your prepaid account to Suite 100 located on the 1th floor of the Waller Creek Center at 625 E 10th St., Austin TX 787001.


Filling up

Using the machine is similar in nature to accessing a banking ATM (automatic teller machine).  Once the account is set up, the customer will be supplied with an access number and a pin number or multiple numbers depending on the customer’s needs.  To use the machine, you drive up to the facility, line the filling port of the vehicle up with the filling arm, enter the customer information (access number and pin number), enter the amount of water in gallons you wish to receive at that time and press the START button.  To stop flow at any time there is a shut off button labeled “STOP”. 



If you have questions regarding the bulk water filling station, please call 512-974-3542.