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What is the Austin Utility Location and Coordination Committee (AULCC)?

The AULCC is a group of utility stakeholders.  Per Ordinance 14-11-165, this group meets regularly in order to identify right of way utility conflicts before construction begins. Coordination efforts include construction phasing, sharing of work zones, and finding opportunities for joint trenching.

What is the AULCC meeting? Why is it important?

The AULCC meeting is a weekly gathering run by Right of Way Management, attended by City, utility, and private project representatives. Proper coordination saves your project time and money. It also minimizes impacts on infrastructure and the transportation system.

Who needs to attend the AULCC meeting?

AULCC meeting attendance is required if a project meets one of the following conditions:

  • If an excavated area will be 300 feet or greater
  • If an excavated area will be 25 feet or greater AND lies within the Downtown Austin Project Coordination Zone (DACPZ)
  • If the work will impact the right of way AND is affiliated with a License Agreement
  • If the work and/or site development will require a tower crane

When are the AULLC meetings?

AULCC meetings are held every Thursday from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.  At this time, all AULCC meetings will be held via Microsoft TEAMS.

How do I get added to the AULCC Agenda?

Submit AULCC cases online at https://abc.austintexas.gov/.  Pay the $2075.00 case review fee plus the 4% tech surcharge for a total of $2158.00.

After the fees are paid and your application is processed, you will receive an email invitation with the link and instructions for attending your AULCC meeting date.  AULCC attendees receive the following information specific to their proposed project area:

  • Existing utilities
  • Proposed utilities
  • Current and upcoming activities
  • Upcoming special events

Does my Completeness Letter expire?

Initial Completeness Letters are valid for 1 year if the project falls within the DAPCZ, or 2 years if the project falls outside the DAPCZ.  If the Completeness Letter expires, then a recertification will be necessary.  The recertification will be valid for 6 months if the project falls within the DAPCZ, or 1 year if the project falls outside the DAPCZ. To request a recertification, contact Utility Coordination.