Who manages the right of way (ROW)?

The Right of Way Management Division - of the Austin Transportation Department - manages the ROW.  We oversee many of the day-to-day activities that occur in the Austin-area ROW.  Click here to view our main page including important announcements and reminders.

There are other ROW owners/controllers within the Austin-area.  These include the State, neighboring counties, and various other infrastructure stakeholders.  Additionally, the Austin Center for Events manages all activities related to special events, such as music festivals, parades, and marathons.  For tips on identifying who owns/controls Austin-area ROW, check out our Whose ROW Is It Anyway? document.

What is the ROW?

The ROW is the public-owned portion of land.  This includes the streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas between pavement and property lines.  The ROW boundaries vary depending on the physical conditions at any given location.  It is your responsibility to identify if your activity impacts the ROW.  Check out our Finding ROW document for tips.  You can view an example image of the ROW here.

Why is the ROW managed?

We manage the ROW so that we can preserve and prioritize your safety and mobility.  We verify that ROW activities follow Federal, State, and Local standards.  We make sure that traffic can move safely through and around these activities. And we strive to ensure that everyone receives thorough and proper consideration.  This is why we take into account users of all ages and abilities, citizens and tourists alike, emergency responders, construction workers & equipment, and city infrastructure.  

How is the ROW managed?

We aim to turn ROW conflicts into ROW opportunities.  Planning and coordination are key and must take place before any ROW activity begins.  This allows us to identify and encourage construction phasing, sharing of work zones, and joint trenching.  Our core functions include: