A Private Lateral (P-Lat) is the wastewater line that connects a building to the City’s wastewater system. A P-Lat is not owned by the City. The Austin Water Utility performs investigations of P-Lats for City retail wastewater customers when there is a wastewater overflow or blockage on private property or when there is a problem with the City’s wastewater system that could affect P-Lat. The P-Lat program exists to ensure defective P-Lats are repaired to reduce the chance of wastewater overflows and so that external water contributions (inflow and infiltration) into the City’s wastewater collection system are reduced. This subsequently decreases wastewater overflow incidents and avoids additional costs to ratepayers.

Please see the Austin City Code 15-11 for more information regarding customer responsibilities under the P-Lat Ordinance.


The Utility Development Services (UDS) Division may assist customers in the determination of P-Lat elevations and available slopes. Per the City's Plumbing Code, P-Lats must be installed at no less than 2% slope (1/4 of an inch per foot) toward the point of disposal. As an exception, the City may allow an slope of 1% (1/8 of an inch per foot) for piping four (4) inches through six (6) inches when 2% slope is not available.

For assistance regarding P-Lat elevations and available slopes, call the PLAT Hotline at 512- 972-0069.


Please see a list of current UDS fees, PDF document.

Plumbing Permit Required

Within the City of Austin, plumbing work cannot to be performed without first obtaining a plumbing permit from the City's Planning Development and Review Department (PDRD). For more information regarding plumbing permits fees and requirements, call PDRD at  512-978-4000

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Current Private Lateral Ordinance

Important Information on Sewage Overflows and How to Prevent Them

Lo que Austin Necesita Saber Acerca  de los Derrames de Aguas Negras

Provisions of Chapter 15-11 of the City Code address private laterals.


Private Lateral Grant Program:  (512) 974-3100

Complaints for sewage on the ground:  (512) 972-1000

Private Lateral Program Management Inquires:  (512) 972-0069

PDRD Plumbing Permits: (512) 978-4000



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