Renewing Austin is an ongoing program to replace and upgrade aging water lines.

The pipes running below our streets carry the very lifeblood of our community, but aging water infrastructure is a major problem. Austin Water is protecting our city's water infrastructure by investing in upgrades and repairs of the existing water lines, as part of the Renewing Austin program. The Utility has used acoustic technology to inspect more than 1,500 miles of water lines for leaks. That information is now being used to choose which water lines to include in the new construction project enhance our active leak detection program. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Water and Wastewater Line Construction

Current Renewing Austin Projects


For more information, contact: 

Emlea Chanslor
Public Information Office

Austin Water partners with the Public Works Department whose project management staff supervises construction.  Austin Water also coordinates with Public Works to replace water lines when streets are under construction for maintenance and other utility work.

Cities across the nation are facing the demands of upgrading aging water lines. According to a report by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), more than $1 trillion dollars needs to be spent by 2035 to replace the nation’s aging water distribution system.