Most Austinites* can earn a $75 rebate on a chicken coop through the City of Austin Home Composting Rebate Program. 

*City of Austin customers who pay the Clean Community Fee on their utility bills and who have not already received a Home Composting Rebate are eligible for the rebate, but anyone may take the class. See the full Terms and Conditions.


Apply for a rebate

Get a $75 rebate after purchase

Step 1 View the chicken keeping presentation (now available online).
Step 2 Complete the chicken keeping questionnaire.
Step 3

Purchase a chicken coop from any retailer or licensed and registered vendor of your choosing. Keep the receipt.

Step 4 Submit an online rebate application with copies of your receipt and the completed questionnaire.
Step 5 Receive a $75 rebate check from the City of Austin by mail. Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks for processing.

See the full Terms and Conditions.

Did you know you can save money on your utility bill?

By recycling and composting, you may be able to downsize your trash cart – the smaller the cart, the less it costs! To change your trash cart size, call 512-494-9400. The City of Austin will deliver a new cart to your house at no extra cost.

Learn More About the City's Curbside Composting Collection Program

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