Outside of City Hall

Guided Path

The Guided Path Pilot Project, is a pilot initiative to address the encampment outside of the ARCH.

The Homeless Strategy Office in coordination with City departments, the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO), the Local Mental Health Authority – Integral Care, and other service provider partners has engaged in a Guided Path Pilot Project. Through Phase One, which consisted of outreach and assessment, individuals outside and around the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH) were surveyed and assessed. Through Phase Two, which consists of service engagement, the following results have been achieved:

  • 18 individuals have been housed (1 was reunited with family);
  • 60 individuals are enrolled or pending enrollment into appropriate programs that lead to permanent housing;
  • 14 individuals are not yet matched with programs for enrollment;
  • 3 individuals have not been seen since the initial survey; and
  • 4 individuals are in long-term incarceration

Please check back for updates. Phase Three, which consists of sustainment and accountability, is being built out. This phase includes increased outreach activity, police monitoring and enforcement, cleaning of the areas, and a perceived impact assessment conducted within the area.

Exits from Homelessness through Housing and Other Positive Means

ECHO, provided the following results:

  • Since August 19, 2019, 439 individuals have been housed or exited from homelessness, representing 255 households.
  • Since January 19, 2019, 1,643 individuals have been housed or exited from homelessness, representing 1,056 households.


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