Austin has experienced a growing demand for the use of parkland by a variety of private commercial entities including health and fitness consultants, dog trainers, yoga instructors, and other outdoor professional service providers. In order to effectively manage the commercial use of parkland, the Parks and Recreation Department established a Commercial Use of Parkland permit, policy and fees for regularly scheduled activities that enhance the park experience at select sites.

Permit Fees and Periods Overview

Each individual service provider conducting training or non-motorized bicycle tour group activities on parkland is subject to a 6 month $50 permit fee per trainer/guide.  In addition a monthly fee per client is required.  The client fee is assessed when the provider serves 4 or more clients in a session/tour.  Permit periods are:  January through June, and July through December.


Application                    Download and complete the application

Additional Personnel    To be completed by EACH additional company personnel.

Authorized permit locations.  For public safety considerations and to effectively manage the Austin park system, a number of parks have been identified for approved commercial use activities. Areas specifically dedicated to a use that would reasonably conflict with any approved activities are excluded. For example, holding fitness classes in an area dedicated as a children’s play area or running track is not appropriate.


Reporting:  Monthly reporting is required for all permit holders for all classes whether free or paid An additional client fee per class is also due per month for those with 4 or more in a class.

Monthly Reporting

Monthly Reporting - 4 or more, paid classes


Frequently Asked Questions