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The Cultural Arts Division of the Economic Development Department provides leadership and management for the City’s cultural arts programs and for the economic development of arts and cultural industries.

The Global Business Recruitment and Expansion Division increases jobs and investment in Austin through business attraction and by assisting local businesses with international expansion and trade.

The City's Music & Entertainment Division is an economic development accelerator and centralized resource center for Austin’s music industry, and an active community partner for Austin’s citizens, community groups, and neighborhoods. For a full list of our programs and services, visit

The Economic Development - Redevelopment Division is rebuilding key assets of the city and administering public-private redevelopment agreements that support mixed-use project development and downtown redevelopment. Currently, several projects have entered active design and construction phases requiring increased levels of developmental involvement. The Redevelopment Division is well versed in developing various partnerships using a variety of financing mechanisms that result in the implementation of large catalyst projects that translate vision into reality.

The mission of the Small Business Program is to foster job creation and support the growth of new and existing businesses by providing capacity building information, tools, and resources. We provide counseling and assistance to small businesses. Our focus is to develop and empower small businesses in order to strengthen their business capability and survivability.