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The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center is currently closed to the public. Please continue to check the City of Austin Closure page for updates.

Mission Statement: The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) is dedicated to the preservation, creation, presentation, and promotion of the cultural arts of Mexican Americans and Latino cultures. Read about the history of the ESB-MACC.


The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center is currently closed to the public, but the good news is, many of our programs have moved digital! Please use this page as a guide to our digital resources, which are free to use for anyone who wants to learn more about Mexican-American and Latinx art & culture.

You'll find lesson plans, performances, presentations, online art galleries, instructional videos, and more, and this page is updated every week!

This includes our Signature Events, presented in Fall 2020: Viva Mexico and Day of the Dead!

CLICK HERE TO VIEW DIGITAL PROGRAMSFor even more access to MACC programming, remember to follow us on Facebook at @AustinESBMACC and Instagram at @ESBMACC. Questions? email Feedback? Please fill out our Digital Programs Survey!



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The questions asked on SpeakUpAustin are:

•      What does the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center mean to you today?

•      Has this changed since 2018?

•      What, if anything, do you find particularly central to your experiences at the ESB-MACC?

•      Based on your vision of the future ESB-MACC, how can this building better serve today's needs of the community?

Learn more on the Phase 2 Improvements, including the entire 2018 MasMACC Master Plan, on the Project Page!


The ESB-MACC Advisory Board advises Austin City Council about Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center operations. Cooperate with civic and volunteer groups involved in fostering, promoting and sponsoring activities at the ESB-MACC. (City Code Section 2-1-162)

Community Involvement: Community members are invited to attend ESB-MACC Advisory Board meetings to gain further understanding of its functions.

To speak remotely at the next meeting, which is a Regular Advisory Board meeting on February 3, 2021 of the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center Advisory Board Meeting, members of the public must:

• Call or email the board liaison Michelle Rojas at 512-974-3771 or no later than noon, Tuesday February 2, 2021. The following information is required: speaker name, item number(s) they wish to speak on, whether they are for/against/neutral, email address and telephone number (must be the same number that will be used to call into the meeting).

• Once a request to speak has been made to the board liaison, the information to call on the day of the scheduled meeting will be provided either by email or phone call.

• Speakers must call in at least 15 minutes prior to meeting start time in order to speak, late callers will not be accepted and will not be able to speak.

• Speakers will be placed in a queue until their time to speak.

• Handouts or other information may be emailed to Michelle Rojas by noon the day before the scheduled meeting. This information will be provided to Board and Commission members in advance of the meeting.


MACC Advisory Board meetings

MACC Advisory Board Members

City of Austin Boards and Commissions Information 


MACC Phase 2 Improvements 

Photo of the MACC and surrounding areasThe ESB-MACC is entering Phase 2 of the 2018 Facility Expansion Plan (2018 Plan) approved by City Council. Phase 2 includes expansion and renovation of the facility in addition to site improvements in order to meet the growing needs of the community. Updates will be posted the the Phase 2 Improvements Page.

On Exhibit

Our center houses two galleries, featuring local, regional and national Latino/a artists. Admission is free and tours available by request. During the current closure, be sure to view our current digital exhibit by Diana Molina!

Events, Programs, and Services

Cine se Oro Since 2007, an outside preformance, LARP, Latino Arts Residency Program

We are proud to produce our annual events, work with community organizations and partnerships and co-produce collaborations with Latino organizations that are free and open to the public. Download a collaboration request form here. LAAP is a developmental program for Latino arts organizations and artists in all disciplines that provide arts and cultural programming to the Austin community. 

Education and Programs

We provide a variety of cultural arts classes and camps for adults and youth. Download the MACC Coloring Book! Call (512) 974-3772 or email

Caminos Teen Leadership Program

Caminos Program, Teen Leadership at the ESB-MACC

The ESB-MACC 's Caminos program empowers Austin-area teens to carve their own path in the creative arts.

Rentals & Reservations

Rentals at the MACC

We offer various rental spaces. All rentals must be public and serve the cultural, educational, artistic, or civic purpose of the ESB-MACC.

Latino Artist Access Program

The Latino Artist Access Program (LAAP) provides Latinx artists from all artistic disciplines the space and community to share their work with the public. Space can be used for rehearsals, performances, workshops or to create small-scale works of art. The ESB-MACC is proud to promote the events and programs of these talented artists. Check out the LAAP Artists Page

Healing Garden

At the ESB-MACC Healing Garden we grow herbs, fruits and vegetables that can be used for everyday meals and health. If you are interested in gardening or sharing in our harvest, join us for one of our workdays. Check out our Garden brochure in English or Spanish, and our Garden webpage in English or Spanish. For more information, contact us at 512.974.3773 or

<h3>Fun is Year-Round at the MACC</h3><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><p>Enjoy this peek inside the festival and interactive fun to be had at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. We have a Zolcalo (plaza), gallery, and classes to help anyone explore Mexican, Latin, and South American cultures right here. There is also plenty of dancing, live shows, and experiences of all kinds to be enjoyed by the young and old. Come join us!</p>