A permit from Austin Water Utility’s Pretreatment Program is required to discharge any industrial wastewater into the City's wastewater collection system. Different permits are issued based on the nature of the business and the volume and characteristics of the wastewater to be discharged.

Follow this link to print your current General Industrial User permit if you have already obtained one.

Discharging industrial wastewater without a valid permit is a violation of Chapter 15-10 of the Austin City Code. Refer to the List of Active Wastewater Discharge Permits to verify that your business is properly permitted. If you do not have a required permit, please fill out an application and contact our office as soon as possible. Each separately permitted source is considered to be an industrial user. The process for obtaining a discharge permit and the type of permit application required vary for different industrial users:

Permit fees are assessed based on the class of industrial user and applicable analytical requirements. Fee collection is now being conducted via the standard billing system for all City utility services.