Descaling is removing limescale, calcium and rust from equipment to improve function and prevent equipment failure. Chemical descaling operations are permitted either at a chemical descaling company’s fixed-site facility or for temporary descaling job sites.

Temporary Descaling Sites: Any descaling operation potentially discharging waste into the wastewater collection system must file a Temporary Descaling Permit Application (Adobe PDF). Required information is listed in the permit application. The Pretreatment Program must receive this application no less than five business days before descaling. If the application for a temporary descaling is approved, a Temporary Descaling Permit shall be issued to the Responsible Corporate Officer and/or Duly Authorized Representative of the both the site to be descaled and the descaling company.

Fixed Descaling Sites: These must have a Wastewater Discharge Permit, have any necessary pretreatment device to assure compliance with all applicable effluent limitations, and transport chemicals and waste according to local, state, and federal regulations.