Equity Mini-Grant Fund

The City of Austin has assembled a small pool of funding to establish an Equity Mini Grant Fund. The Fund provides flexible resources for local, community-based organizations to seed projects that are focused on eliminating structural barriers and/or improving the quality of life for the City’s most vulnerable populations.

Applications are anticipated to open again in Spring 2020. Organizations interested in receiving notice should contact Brandon Kroos.

Equity Assessment Process

The Equity Assessment Process begins with training. The Office understands how important Normalizing the discussion of racial equity is. Without a shared understanding, the conversation collapses. We use the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond

to help train departments undergoing Equity Assessment. This training challenges City staff to recognize institutional racism in their everyday work.

Following training, the departments go through the Equity Assessment Tool.

Equity Assessment Tool

The Equity Assessment Tool was co-created by the Office with the Equity Action Team (EAT). The EAT is the community body who advocated Council for the creation of the Office.

The Equity Assessment Tool is a general set of questions to guide City departments in assessing their impact on equity. The Tool builds from the historical context of departments. It tries to make Staff recognize who their work serves and doesn't serve. These assessments help the City to identify opportunities to reduce disparities.


Structure of the Tool

  • Introduction: Brief historical account and Council Resolution for context

  • Departmental Analysis: A look at the department’s culture

  • Budget: A scan of how community input factors in budget planning

  • Community Engagement: Gauges your practices and quality of interaction with the community

  • Alignment: Evaluates opportunities to address disparities in City priorities


Equity Action Plan

The Center for Place-Based Initiatives perform an analysis of departments' Assessments. They identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) in departments' programs and services.

Building from the analysis, departments then create an Equity Action Plan. In the pilot cohort, we've requested each department to target at least three actions, which they will have the following year to put in place.

After a year, the departments will once again undergo Assessment. By repeating the cycle, the Office will be able to enhance what's working and address challenges.



The Equity Office has administered many reports on the City's programs and initiatives. This section collects them all.