Every neighborhood in Austin has a distinct character worth preserving and building upon. The diversity of lifestyles and uniqueness of our living environments has given our city its personality and feel. The new Code will put a framework in place to better protect, enhance, and ensure the long-term stability and appeal of our neighborhoods.

A revised land development code could:

  • Provide a document that is more accessible and easier to understand for all users.
  • Provide more effective zoning tools to address specific issues.
  • Help define what we can build near or within neighborhoods.
  • Make neighborhood plans and visions are easier to access and understand.
  • Ensure that new buildings will make good neighbors with existing ones – in terms of their size, character and design, and allowed uses.
  • Reinforce the mix of creative small businesses that prosper in Austin’s neighborhoods, integral to defining their character.

What's unique about your neighborhood? Help shape Austin's future with Community Character in a Box.