The Repeat Offender Program (ROP) was created in 2013 as a rental registration program for properties with multiple code violations. The intent of City Council in passing this ordinance and its amendment (Ordinance No. 20130926-012Ordinance No. 20141120-003) was to ensure Austin renters are living in properties that meet minimum health and safety standards, as defined by the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC).

Maps & Data

Citizen Connect online tracker tool

Citizen Connect—shows all code complaints in the City by address, case number or region

Repeat Offender Violation Dashboard—shows data related to only properties required to register in the Repeat Offender Program 

Renters & Residents

Submit a complaint
          Download the app.
          Dial 3-1-1.

Check the status of a complaint
          Dial 512-974-2633 (CODE).

Priority levels explained

Find a Notice of Violation on the Repeat Offender Violation Dashboard

Retaliation protection
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Owners & Property Managers

Criteria—Properties are required to register with the Repeat Offender Program when one of the three criteria below is met during a 24-month period. 

the number two

Two or more separate notices of violation not corrected within the allotted time.

the number five

Five or more separate notices of violation—of any type—issued on separate days regardless of whether they were corrected or not.

the number two

Two or more citations

          $372 per year for rental registration within the Repeat Offender Program.
          Complete list of fees

Registration form—must be submitted within 14 days of notification.

What to expect as a ROP property—once a property is required to register, that property will begin to receive periodic inspections. These inspections may occur once a year.

Suggested common area signagethis signage meets the requirements of the ordinance. If a sign company needs alternative formats, please contact us.

Suspension and Revocation—a property may have its registration suspended or revoked. Suspension or revocation of a rental registration prohibits a property from leasing vacant units until the property is brought into compliance.
          Memorandum to City Council
          Presentation for property owners registered in Repeat Offender Program

Suspension and Revocation process  
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