Digital Programming 

In light of the recent Stay Home-Work Safe Order requiring residents to stay home as much as possible, the DAC is proud to offer free digital programming for the public. Programs will be updated on a weekly basis beginning in early April.

Passage: A new radio play devised by the Heartland Theatre Collective

Explore the depths of outer space with the Heartland Theatre Collective’s new radio play, Passage. Passage is the story of a group of astronauts trapped in the pull of a black hole and forced to confront questions of love, loss, and faith. The world-premiere of Passage will be broadcasted on YouTube Live on Friday, September 12 at 7:00 PM CDT followed by a discussion and celebration with the creators.

Adult Art Lessons

Instructor-led lessons in various different mediums of ceramics, drawing & painting, and digital arts.

Ceramics: Ceramic Trays

Ceramics: Pinch Pots to Sculptures

Ceramics: Raku at the Dougherty Arts Center

Ceramics: How Make A Mug with Clay Slabs

Ceramics: Basic Coil Construction for Sculptures

Ceramic: Make a Clay Bowl

Ceramics: Adding Form to Coil Vessel

Ceramics: Making Clay Texture Stamps Part 1

Ceramics: Making Clay Texture Stamps Part 2

Ceramics: Hand Building a Sheep Planter with Saucer

Ceramics: Making a Bowl on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Clay Surface Design

Ceramics: Adding Details to Sculptures with Jon Nelson Video 3

Ceramics: Trimming a Bowl

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 1 - Handbuilding the vessel

Ceramics: Rhyton Part 2 - Decorating the vessel

Ceramics: Hand Building a Dog Food Bowl

Ceramics: Hand Building a Cat Food Bowl

Ceramics: How to Make a Plate on the Wheel

Ceramics: How to Trim a Plate

Ceramics: Texture Glazing Ceramics - Video 4

Ceramics: Learn How to Make an Oil Bottle

Ceramics: How to Make A Vase on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Cup on the Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Ring Holder on the Potters Wheel

Ceramics: Make a Coffee Pour Over

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 1

Ceramics: Make a Flower Brick part 2

Ceramics: Make a Large Serving Dish

Ceramics: Trim a Large Baking Dish

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 1

Ceramic: Make a Bird House

Ceramics: Make a Teapot Part 2

Ceramics: Make a Bird Bath & Feeder

Drawing: Portrait Drawing From Photos

Drawing: Intro to Graphite Pencils

Drawing: Implied Line Exercise

Drawing: Practicing Contour Line Drawings (PDF)

Drawing: Observable Landscape Studies (PDF)

Drawing: Practicing Value Shading Techniques (PDF)

Drawing: Using a Paintbrush and Brush Pen

Drawing: Ink + Water - Washes and Layers

Drawing: Portrait Drawing Hacks

Drawing:Urban Sketching in Your Yard

Drawing: The Five Aspects of Light

Drawing: Hatching & Cross-Hatching - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part I

Drawing: Stippling & Scribbling - Pen & Ink Shading Techniques, Part II

Drawing: Drawing on Book Pages

Drawing: How To Start Drawing a Portrait

Drawing: Grid Drawing

Drawing: Drawing Drapery

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Hand Lettering

Drawing: Additive and Subtractive Drawing

Drawing: Developing a Daily Drawing Practice

Drawing: Using Notan as a Composition Tool

Drawing: Ditch Your Eraser: Embracing Mistakes

Drawing: Tips & Tricks: Thumbnails

Drawing: Gesture Drawing: How and Why

Drawing: Drawing Hair In Portraits

Painting: Indigo Hills Watercolor

Painting: Monochromatic Still Life Study

Painting: Birchwood Blizzard Watercolor

Painting: Mushroom and Eggplant Watercolor

Painting: Sunflower Watercolor

Painting: Landscape Color Study

Painting: Lavender Field Watercolor

Painting: Basics - The Painter's Sketchbook

Painting: Glass Bottles in Watercolor

Painting: A Guide to Abstract Painting

Painting: Riverbank Scene in Watercolor

Painting: Pink Water Lily Watercolor

Painting: Creating a Watercolor Study

Painting: Blending & Dry Brushing

Painting: Seascape in Watercolor

Painting: Highlights and Edges

Painting: Tips for Beginning Acrylic Painters

Painting Basics: Color Theory

Painting: Discover Watercolor Crayons

Painting: Color Theory

Painting Basics: The Self-Critique

Painting: Exploring Color in Neutral Tones

Painting: Watercolor Crayon Still Life

Painting Basics: Oil or Acrylic?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Abstract with India Ink

Painting Basics: Setting Up a Still Life

Painting: Abstract Art: What’s Going On Here?

Painting: Beginning Watercolor: Stormy Sky

Painting: Tips & Tricks: Composition

Digital: Introduce Yourself to Photoshop

Digital: Photoshop Layers Panel

Digital: Photoshop Brushes

Digital: Photoshop Selecting

Digital: Photoshop - Creating a Brush

Digital: Photoshop Adjustments

Digital: Photoshop Masks

Digital: Photoshop - Clone Stamp

Digital: Photoshop - Blending Modes

Digital: Introduction to Illustrator

Craft: Paper Quilling

Craft: Upcycle! Plastic Bag Coil Basket

Craft: Papier-Mâché Cactus Sculpture

Craft: Trellis Ladder for your Garden

Craft: Frank Lloyd Wright inspired Squirrel Feeder

Craft: Cross Stitch Earring Holder

Craft: Hypertufa Planters

Craft: Make a Peephole Diorama

Craft: Make a Tunnel Book

Craft: Make Paper Flowers

Photography: DIY Camera Obscura

Photography: Make a Paraxinoscope

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 1

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 2

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 3

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 4

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 5

Starting and Maintaining Creative Momentum Video 6

Art Happens Here: 2 Minute Studio Tours

DAC 2020 Artists give the audience an inside look of their work spaces and where they create.

Linda Wandt

Layla Luna

Amar Gupta

Veronica Ceci

Marianne Levy

Melanie Hickerson

Cara Jackson

Rhea Pettit

Nancy Wood

Sarah Luna

Leticia Mosqueda

Nora McMillen Burke

Youth Art Lessons

Instructor-led lessons in various different mediums of visual, performing, and digital arts.

Giacometti Sculptures with Mr. Jon

Martian Finger Puppets with Mr. Adam

Patterns & Presents with Mr. Kyle

Acrylic Skins with Mr. George

Shadow Box Theater with Ms. Jules

Paint Pouring with Ms. Sydney

Magic Scroll with Mr. Kyle

Marbled Flower Pot with Ms. Sydney

Wooden Architecture with Mr. Jon

Downloading & Using Twine with Mr. Kyle

Make a Beat in Drumbit with Mr. Matt

Collagraph Fish with Ms. Claire

Nature-Inspired Pattern Making with Ms Jules

Origami UFO with Mr. Jon

Paint like Miro with Mr. George

Pet Portrait Pt 1: Backgrounds with Mrs. Carina

Pet Portraits, Part 2: The Pet with Mrs. Carina

Making a Song in Song Maker with Mr. Matt

Cube Planet with Mr. Kyle

Monotype Printmaking with Ms. Claire

Downloading Piskel with Mr. Kyle

Paint like Sonia Delaunay with Mrs. Carina

Rock Store Animated Music Video with Mr. Matt

Matisse & Warhol Inspired Cutouts with Mr. George

Downloading MagicaVoxel with Mr. Kyle

Virtual Exhibits

A virtual exhibit featuring local multimedia artist Susannah Haddad.

A Deconstructed View by Susannah Haddad

Texas-based artist Nancy Wood has created Forest Bathing, a series of digital paintings exploring whether the beneficial effects of being in nature can also be reproduced by artworks displaying the beauty of nature.

Forest Bathing by Nancy Wood

Artist Professional Development

The Artist Resource Center is pleased to host free monthly professional development workshops for artists. Covering a different topic each month, our workshops give artists the tools to develop and advance their careers in the arts.

Artist Resource Center Professional Development Workshops

Art is Everywhere Map

Art is Everywhere and we have proof. Check out the DAC's complete interactive guide to art you can safely enjoy from the comfort of your car. Use this map to plan out your next Sunday afternoon drive, go on an art scavenger hunt and more! Do you have a spectacular yard sculpture in your front yard or business you want to include on the map and share with the public?

Check out the link to find out how you can participate. Art is Everywhere Map

Austin Art-O-Rama: Virtual Vendor 2 Minute Studio Tours

Dougherty Arts Center’s Austin Art-O-Rama artists show you where the art happens! Learn more about the virtual vendors and explore their studio spaces with these two-minute video tours.

Austin Art-O-Rama: Lisa McPike Smith Studio Tour

Austin Art-O-Rama: TJ Maclaskey Studio Tour

Austin Art-O-Rama: Marcie Dodd Studio Tour

 Austin Art-O-Rama: Luis Coss Studio Tour

 Austin Art-O-Rama: Vickie Flaugher Studio Tour

 Austin Art-O-Rama: Gary Swenor Studio Tour

 Austin Art-O-Rama: Bonnie Brushwood Studio Tour

 Austin Art-O-Rama: Cynthia Bloom Studio Tour