Our division strives to provide helpful programs and resources to guide small business owners.


BizAid℠ Business Orientation

The BizAid Business Orientation is a no-cost opportunity to meet with business professionals who can provide you with basic information and guidance. Register for a BizAid Business Orientation offered online.


BizOpen Orientation: Commercial Property Requirements

The BizOpen Orientation covers the general development process including zoning, permitting, inspections, events and obtaining a certificate of occupancy. BizOpen serves as a point of contact for new and existing small business owners seeking assistance navigating the Planning and Zoning Department as well as the Development Services Department. Register for a BizOpen Orientation


Business Coaching

Individualized BizAid Coaching is available at no cost to existing small business owners to help develop a marketing strategy, find lending assistance, learn to effectively network, or become more competitive with a business plan.


Business Education

Visit our calendar for a complete list of upcoming classes and events developed to help small business owners develop skills.

Business Skills Certification
The City of Austin Small Business Division has partnered with the University of Texas at Austin Center for Professional Education. Classes are offered in the areas of marketing, social media, human resources, money management, and small business taxes. Complete six of these qualifying small business classes and earn your Business Skills Certificate.


Challenge Studio

The Challenge Studio is an intensive 9-month program that forms and supports a team of entrepreneurs as they solve challenge areas outlined in the City of Austin’s Strategic Direction 2023 plan. The goal of the Challenge Studio is to create a new business whose products and services result in a local public benefit.


Small Business Preparedness

The Small Business Preparedness is a resource site to aid and assist businesses in creating a plan for disaster recovery as well as finding help after economic and natural disasters. This site is by no means comprehensive; however, the information contained may meet the immediate needs of your business during your time of preparation and recovery.


Healthy Corner Store Program

The City of Austin’s Economic Development Department is partnering with Austin Public Health to expand the Healthy Corner Stores Program. This program helps store owners grow their business by increasing sales of healthy food items and is free to join. 


Small Business Accelerator

The Small Business Accelerator is an intensive training program designed to accelerate business growth and maximize profit.


Small Business Resources

Search and locate helpful resources in this comprehensive directory of non-profit agencies, local, state, and federal governments.


Test Before You Invest Class

Before you invest your time and funding into your small business discover the “lean start-up process” and how it differs from a traditional start-up plan. Determine which process is most appropriate for your business as you develop and test your product with minimal startup costs, informed by your customer’s values and feedback. Register for Test Before You Invest