High-Injury Roadways

Austin Transportation's Vision Zero program developed a High-Injury Network (HIN) which identifies streets in Austin with a relatively high number of serious injury and fatal crashes. From this network, the Vision Zero program identified 13 High-Injury Roadway sections to receive effective, low-cost safety improvements. The most recent five complete years of crash data was analyzed to identify top locations for focused engineering design initiatives, improved signage, and targeted enforcement on key dangerous driving behaviors. For more information, visit the High-Injury Roadways page.

Engineering Projects

Austin Transportation is working to create a transportation network that protects human life, even when individual users make mistakes; in other words, we are designing our network with safety as the primary consideration. Engineering and street design are therefore key strategic elements of a successful Vision Zero program.  Find out more about some of our engineering projects improving safety, below:

Speed Management Program

Speeding is the primary contributing factor in one quarter of Austin traffic fatality crashes. Each year more than 10,000 people lose their lives to speed-related crashes in the United States. In Austin, data shows speeding was the primary contributing factor in 24% of traffic crashes resulting in death between 2013-2017. This makes it the top one of the four behaviors which contribute to most of the fatal crashes in Austin (along with failure to yield, distraction, and intoxication).

Effective speed management is critical for creating streets that support safe and convenient travel by everyone—whether they are in cars, on bicycles, walking or using assisted mobility devices. People get around Austin in different ways (sometimes on the same trip); by implementing intuitive, context-sensitive speed management strategies, the Austin community can enable safe and convenient travel for all.

Visit the Speed Management Program page for more information on efforts to reduce egregious speeding on all street levels and the likelihood of serious injury and fatal crashes.

Vision Zero Equity Storymap

Over 2,400 people in Austin were seriously injured or killed in traffic crashes over the past five years, 55% of which were people of color. Austin Transportation has released a Vision Zero Storymap to highlight the racial disparities in traffic crashes and injuries in Austin, provide context for the historical context and institutional factors that have contributed to and perpetuated these disparities, and, describe some of the ways how the Vision Zero program will seek to advance racial equity it its transportation safety work.

View the Safe for All Storymap. (Seguro para Todos)

Get Home Safe

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the four primary causes of crashes with fatalities and serious injuries in our City. Austin Transportation’s Get Home Safe resources provide everyone with safe ways to get home after a fun night.