The City of Austin has worked for several years to reduce the numerous hazards and City Code violations associated with large gatherings and parties. As part of its continued efforts to protect the safety and quality of life of Austin residents, the City of Austin has formed a Public Assembly Code Enforcement (PACE) Team to focus on these issues. This renewed focus on enforcement concerning public assembly events will affect how parties and large gatherings are conducted throughout the city.

If a person wishes to file a complaint against someone for a noise violations or other Austin City Code violation, the person can contact 3-1-1 to report the offense. The information will then be routed to the appropriate city department.

Issues PACE addresses:

  • Safety of temporary structures, such as party builds.
  • Zoning requirements for your particular location.
  • Risk of fire code hazards associated with large groups of individuals in confined areas.
  • Enforcement of Texas and City of Austin laws, those relating to alcohol, noise and security.
  • Permitting for public assemblies.

PACE Leadership:

  • Chair – Elaine Garrett, Austin Code Department, 512-974-1991