Meeting Notes

5:30-7:30 p.m. CST

Meeting took place via Zoom

Second meeting of the task force


Members Present:

  • City/Community Task Force Members
  • City staff
  • 21CP Solutions Consultants


Agenda and Meeting Minutes


Brief Welcome and New Member Introductions

  • New members to the call introduced themselves to the group briefly.


Public Vs. Private Meetings

  • The group had a discussion about public vs. private meetings and what would fit best for this task force. The idea of a hybrid model, blending both public and private meeting options, was presented to the group. If the task force decides to adopt this model, it would have both private working groups that would allow space for detailed discussion among members as well as public forum meetings that would involve the community. These public forum meetings could also be a place where big decisions are made. Additionally, the task force discussed a few different voting methods they could use to finalize these decisions; both internally and externally. They also expressed interest in community listening sessions, regardless of model, to make sure Austin community members are fully represented in this process. Ultimately, the task force wanted more information on the hybrid model before making a final decision on group structure, but is leaning towards adoption of this method.
  • Action item: 21CP will provide breakdown of hybrid models and data on these models to the group to review over the next week and decide on at the following meeting. Moving along with hybrid model assumption for the task force moving forward (as best practice for this group).


Governance and Collaboration/ Priority Areas/Beginning the Work

  • The task force wants to set values that will drive their governance, prior to making decisions. Many members discussed the need for historical context about policing (nationally and locally) as a grounding context for the work they are doing. They discussed the need for a values-system for the group so they may work cohesively and effectively.
  • Action item: Group members will be convening to work on historical narrative (will eventually present this narrative) as well as values facilitation.


Next Meeting and Agenda Setting

  • For the next task force meeting, the group has marching orders. They plan to do some “homework” on hybrid models and think through how this will work best for them, finalizing their preferred model at this meeting. They will also agree on a voting model, as well as meeting schedule and the need for alternates, as part of the larger governance conversation. Additionally, task force members will be leading a values conversation and agree on these shared values, so they can begin digging into this work. At the next meeting, the City will also provide additional context to the task force on how their administrative goals will align with the goals of the task force. All of the members feel a strong sense of urgency and duty to move forward in a thoughtful, collaborative, and purpose-driven manner.