Reimagining Public Safety Documents

Reimagining Public Safety Reports

July 2020 RPS Comprehensive Progress Report April-July 2021

  • Progress on key RPS milestones between April and July 2021 including: The start of a reimagined police training academy, reform recommendations by the RPS City-Community Task Force, The City Manager’s proposed FY22 budget that outlines the City’s continuing commitment to RPS initiatives.

April 2021- City-Community RPS Task Force Recommendations Report

  • Includes a summary of the Task Force scope of work and the group's comprehensive set of public safety reform recommendations 

April 2021- RPS Comprehensive Quarterly Update

  • Progress on key public safety initiatives during February and March 2021 including City Council approval of the City Manager's blueprint for a reimagined Austin Police Department training academy and the creation of a new Forensic Sciences Department as well as the launch of the mental health option to the 9-1-1 call triage.

January 2021- RPS Comprehensive Quarterly Update

  • Includes: Budget update and detailed summary of progress to date on RPS initiatives from spring 2020 through January 2021.

November 2020

  • Includes: Analysis of APD Racial Profiling Data Released, Racial Disparity Dashboard Published, City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force Update, RPS Community Outreach, Community Partner Hosted Conversations, and reforms updates.

October 2020

  • Includes: Equity Office Accepting Community Grant Applications, City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force Update, Mental Health Diversion Update, Austin Police Department Graduates New Officers, Quattrone Report Outlines Recommendations for Improving Future DNA Lab Operations, Reimagining Public Safety Community Engagement Continues, Reimagining Public Safety Spanish Website Launches / Sitio Web de Reimaginando la Seguridad Pública, and Reforms Updates.

September 2020

  • Includes: 9-1-1 Call Data Analysis results released, Development of short and long-term strategies for APD to address institutional racism and racial inequities, City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force convenes, new Community Police Review Commission members chosen, RPS website and community engagement, and reforms updates.

August 2020

  • Includes: Reimagining Public Safety Budget Changes Approved, City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force Created, Share your thoughts and ideas.
City Memos

Update to Austin City Council Prior to Commencing Austin Police Department Training Academy 145th Cadet Class | Feb. 11, 2022

Update regarding Reimagining Public Safety Initiative| Oct 1, 2021

Update Regarding Forensic Science and Emergency Communications| July 26, 2021

Update Regarding Mental Health Diversion Initiative – Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute Interim Report | July, 15, 2021

APH Names Office of Violence Prevention Manager | June 28, 2021

Update Regarding Reimagined Pilot Cadet Academy (Resolution No. 20210325-037) | June 1, 2021

Renewed Commitment and Collaboration between Austin Police Department and Office of Police Oversight | April 23, 2021

Reimagining Public Safety Council Agenda Items scheduled for April 22, 2021

Update to the Reimagining Public Safety Comprehensive Mid-Year Budget Amendment | April 19, 2021

Reimagined Police Cadet Academy Blueprint | March 17, 2021

Update on Reimagining Public Safety Mid-Year Recommendations | March 9, 2021

Mental Health Diversion Initiative Update: 9-1-1 Call Mental Health Triage Option | February 5, 2021

Office of Police Oversight 8 Can't Wait Use of Force Policy Review and Recommendations | January 29, 2021

Update on Mental Health Diversion | October 21, 2020

Austin Police Department Grants | August 31, 2020

Withdrawal of August 27, 2020 Council Agenda Item #25 Regarding Acquisition of Austin Equestrian Center | August 24, 2020

Austin Police Department Grants | August 24, 2020

Reimagining Public Safety Update | August 10, 2020

Changes to APD General Orders - City Council Resolution No. 20200611-050 | July 30, 2020

Use of Force and De-escalation Policies | July 8, 2020

APD Training Academy Curriculum Review-Ferguson Report | June 19, 2020

Reimagining Public Safety for the City of Austin | June 17, 2020

APD Training Academy Review and Strategic Plan-Villanueva Report | May 22, 2020

Update Regarding Resolution No. 20191205-066 | May 1, 2020


Other Relevant Reports and Data

Accountability and Oversight

Office of Police Oversight Report: Community Feedback and Final Recommendations for 8 Can't Wait Policy Initiatives (October 2021)

Office of Police Oversight Inaugural Report (June 2021)

Redefining “Resistance” and Considering Alternative Tactics and Tools to Prevent the Need for Lethal and Less-Lethal Munitions (April 2021)

Update Regarding Activities to Address APD DNA Lab Audit Recommendations (October 2020)

Update on Evaluation of Sexual Assault Investigations (July 2020)

APD Responses to Kroll Preliminary Assessment of Austin Police Training Academy (February 2020)

Preliminary Assessment of Austin Police Training Academy (February 2020)

2018 Officer-Involved Shooting Report (June 2020)

Austin Police Department (APD) Body-Worn Cameras Audit (June 2019)

Police Oversight Advisory Working Group Recommendations (October 2018)

Racial Equity


Kroll Supplemental Report - Review of Administrative Investigations - Bias and Discrimination (June 2022)

Report of Independent Evaluator - APD Training AcademyAudit Protocol Guidelines Austin Police Department Training Academy (May 2022)

Evaluation of Austin Police Department: Use of Force / Public Interactions / Recruitment, Selection, and Promotion-Supplemental Report- Response to City Council Questions & Additional Analysis (March 2022)

Evaluation of Austin Police Department: Use of Force / Public Interactions / Recruitment, Selection, and Promotions (January 2022)

Interim Report of Independent Evaluator: APD Training Academy (October 2021)

Assessment of the APD Training Academy-Kroll & Associates Final Report (April 2021)

Austin Police Department 2020 Racial Profiling Report (March 2021)

Equity assessment SWOT analyses and report on racial inequities within Austin Police Department (December 2020)

Tatum Report Investigation into Anonymous Complaints Alleging Use of Racist Language in  APD and Next Steps (April 2020)

Community Feedback – Community Conversation: Race & Policing (April 2020)

Joint Report: Analysis of APD Racial Profiling Data (January 2020)

Mental Health Response

Integral Care Mobile Crisis Response (August 2020)

Access to Mental Health Services Audit: City funded through social service contracts (October 2019)

Recommendations for First Responder Mental Health Calls for Service (May 2019)

APD Response to Mental Health-Related Incidents (September 2018)

Sexual Assault

Update on APD’s Implementation of PERF Recommendations and Council Action Items (March 2022)

Update on Evaluation of Sexual Assault Investigations (June 2021)

Austin/Travis County Sexual Assault Response and Resource Team Community Needs Assessment (May 2018)

Texas Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence Study (August 2015)

9-1-1 Response

APD 9-1-1 Call Data Analysis (September 2020) 

9-1-1 Operations Audit: Missed goals related to response times (February 2020)

Crime and Safety

Analysis of Gun Crime (June 2020)

Impact of Community Policing Efforts Audit (May 2020)

Traffic Enforcement Audit: Promoting safety and municipal funding (August 2018)