9-1-1 Call Data Analysis results released

Kerry O’Connor, Chief Innovation Officer, conducted a comprehensive review of 9-1-1 call data. The analysis findings were presented during the September 21 Public Safety Committee meeting. A 9-1-1 calls for service dashboard is a key component of the analysis. The tool provides a visual representation of the call process including how calls start- Officer initiated vs dispatched, the volume and category of calls, how much time officers spend responding to different types of calls, mental health call data, and more.

Data from the analysis will be used as a tool to identify areas of opportunity to reimagine public safety response.


Development of short and long-term strategies for APD to address institutional racism and racial inequities

An independent consultant, working in collaboration with the Equity Office, is expected to provide a core report outlining research and recommendations the week of October 12th. The consultant will also provide a supplemental follow-up section to the report with insights on debriefing and strategic planning sessions with Austin Police Department (APD) leadership scheduled to take place mid to late October.


City-Community Reimagining Public Safety Task Force convenes

Created by the City Manager, the City-Community Reimagining Public Safety task force brings together staff and community members to review, gather, and provide recommendations for policy, cultural and structural changes to redefine public safety. The task force has established a governance structure. The full list of task force members, agendas, and meeting summaries can be found on the task force web page. The Communications and Public Information Office (CPIO) is coordinating a plan to provide live access to the task force meetings including full multi-lingual translation support of meeting proceedings.


New Community Police Review Commission members chosen

The City Manager has appointed the first members of the new Community Police Review Commission (CPRC): Ryan Carlino, Elizabeth Castaneda, Joao Paulo Connolly, Erica Flores, Jessica Gonzales-Bricker, Sukyi McMahon, Tania Rosamond, Amani Seay, Richard Segovia, and Grayson Turner.

The CPRC will work independently from the Office of Police Oversight (OPO) and any other City of Austin organization to make policy recommendations on discipline, training, community relations and the complaint process, address community concerns, review practices of the Austin Police Department (APD), assess critical incidents and review cases of police misconduct, and assess the effectiveness of the OPO.

The 2018 Meet and Confer Agreement between the Austin Police Association and the City of Austin enables the City Manager to create a panel of civilians that oversees police officer conduct. Details about the CPRC agenda and meeting agendas will be posted on its web page.


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