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What are the hours of operation for the Austin Nature & Science Center? 

  • The Austin Nature & Science  Center (ANSC) is open 9-5 Monday – Saturday;   12-5 on Sunday.

The Austin Nature and Science Center's environmental educators engage students in activities that integrate the rigor of the classroom science experience with the relevance of field experience.

"Community gardens have the greatest impact in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, (and) may be serving as catalysts for economic redevelopment of the community." - New York University School of Law
“Communities have found that gardens beautify areas, build a sense of community among neighbors, and abate criminal activity in or near vacant lots. These gardens also prevent trash accumulation, illegal dumping, and littering.” - University of Baltimore
Enjoy music and dance from around the world and theatre productions under the stars.
Experience - Take a tour of our historic homes or see an exhibit from the Smithsonian institute.