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See where small-scale green infrastructure is located throughout Austin.
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Grow Green offers numerous publications to help you design, install, and maintain an earth-wise landscape.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense approach to managing pests. Landscapes are monitored regularly, problems properly identified, severity considered, control options evaluated; and then, selected least-toxic control(s) are implemented

Find useful information to help you create an attractive earth-friendly landscape.  Good planning and design will lead to a landscape that reflects the character of central Texas, conserves resources, and protects our environment.

Learn about earth-wise landscaping and management practices from the experts, so you can provide sustainable services for your commercial and residential customers.

Choose plants that are native and well-adapted. Most Central Texas native plants are naturally drought-tolerant, resistant to pests and diseases, require less fertilizing and pesticides, and are important sources of food for wildlife.

A rain garden is a low area that absorbs and filters rain water runoff that comes from roofs, sidewalks, and driveways. Rain runs off the hard surfaces, collects in the shallow depression, and slowly soaks into the soil.  They are usually planted with colorful native plants and grasses.

Austin scientists are finding high levels of nitrates and increasing detections of the pesticide atrazine, in monitoring samples. Both are believed to be tied to use of weed and feed products that contain fertilizer and pre emergent weed killer.