The City of Austin was founded in 1839 and shortly thereafter, the State of Texas deeded what is now known as Oakwood Cemetery to the City. Today, City of Austin Cemetery Operations, a division of the Parks and Recreation Department, operates five municipal cemeteries and maintains two family cemeteries. These cemeteries are located across the city of Austin and consist of 200+ acres of cemetery grounds, more than 80,000 burials, and five historic buildings. Cemetery Operations is located at Austin Memorial Park and the staff manages the grounds, administrative operations, burials, and historic resources.

The municipal cemeteries include: Austin Memorial Park Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery, Oakwood Cemetery, Oakwood Annex Cemetery, and Plummers Cemetery. The family cemeteries include the cemetery at Longview Park and the Stanley-Nolen Cemetery at Garrison Park.

While Cemetery Operations arranges interments at every cemetery, burials spaces are only available for purchase in Austin Memorial Park and Evergreen cemeteries. Maintenance opens the gates of each municipal cemetery from 7 am to 7 pm, 365 days per year.


Cemetery Operations Modified Procedures

In an attempt to promote public health through social distancing, Cemetery Operations is taking a number of steps to reduce opportunities for community assembly.

  • Closing the Administrative Office at 2800 Hancock Dr. and meeting with families/contractors by appointment only.
  • Requesting that all documents to be submitted electronically and originals be dropped in the mail slot.
  • All payments can be accepted via credit card over the phone or checks can be dropped in mail slot.  
  • Scheduling will be staggered, modified lunches for grounds maintenance to increase social distancing. 



City of Austin Cemeteries scheduled clean-up dates as follows:

  • After February 1
  • After August 1
  • After November 1

Signage providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice will be placed at each cemetery prior to the scheduled clean-up date. Contact Cemetery Operations at 512-978-2320 or with any questions or concerns.

Fees, Services and Rules

Burial Services

Burials (or interments) take place at all cemeteries. At-need and pre-need spaces are available for purchase through Cemetery Operations at both Austin Memorial Park and Evergreen Cemetery.

Types of Burials Offered:

  • Adults
  • Infants
  • Cremated remains

The Cemetery Operations office observes all City holidays. Burial services can be scheduled on all holidays except for New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Any Burial Services scheduled on the remaining holidays will be subject to a holiday fee in addition to the interment fee. Please refer to fee schedule (PDF). 

Other Services

Cemetery Operations offers other services to assist families with purchasing burials spaces, locating loved ones and improving cemetery lots. See the Cemetery Fee Schedule (PDF) for applicable fees.

Additional services include:

  • Gravesite location
  • Monument setting and leveling
  • Grave revegetation
  • Grave liner sales
  • Information on selling or conveying burial spaces
  • Invertible vase sale and installation
  • Special public service/maintenance requests

Cemeteries Fees

The City is committed to a pricing policy that offers reasonable rates approved and allocated by City Council which allows Austin citizens affordable access to cemetery spaces and services. Approved fees will be valid for the period of October 1 through September 30 of the next calendar year.

2019-2020 Fee Schedule (PDF) valid starting October 1, 2019


New Rules and Regulations Draft Process

The Cemetery Rules and Regulations (Rules) revision process was initiated on October 17, 2013. On this date, City Council approved a resolution (No. 20131017-042) directing the City Manager and, by extension, the Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) to conduct a public engagement process to evaluate the Rules, which were originally adopted in 1978. The Rules’ purpose is to maintain the public’s health, safety, comfort and welfare in the municipal Cemeteries while showing respect for those interred.

The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, with community input, developed new proposed Cemetery Rules (PDF) which were adopted by the PARD Acting Director on August 2, 2018. These rules have been appealed.

Cemetery Rules finalized on August 2, 2018 (appealed)

For more information about public input on Cemetery Rules & Regulations, please contact

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