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Based on the Order by the City of Austin and Travis County to “Stay Home, Mask, and Otherwise Be Safe”, all in-person customer services remain suspended. Most of our services are still available by phone, video conference, email and our online portal, Austin Build + Connect (AB+C). For information on our modified services, please visit our DSD-COVID-19 page.


As of July 2019 the Emerging Projects Map (EP) process has evolved into a continuously updated map application showing major zoning, site plan, and subdivision land use cases under City review in the last two years.  It also shows the pre-July 2019 data for reference purposes.

This change was made to automate the Emerging Projects process, which involved previously involved researching outside news publications to find rumored projects, many of which were radically different by the time they came to the City for review.  Over time, the data set also became unwieldy and would have required significant staff resources to "clean up."  Finally, other City staff and 3rd parties and publications are tracking both rumored and City-reviewed projects, such as:

Emerging Projects content therefore now consists of projects:

  • more than 10 acres
  • those that will have 20 or more residential units (only for pre-July 2019 data)
  • have a current status (only for post July 2019) of in review, at boards or commissions, released or approved within last 2 years

You can also export the pre-July 2019 data, or you can go to the Growth Watch page under "datasets" for current case data.  You will also find staff contacts on that page in case you have questions.