Growth Watch is your portal to datasets extracted from the City's development review system to support tracking and understanding of development trends.  It is intended primarily for those wishing to download the data and manipulate it in software such as GIS, Business Intelligence, Spreadsheet, Database, or similar software. 

Growth Watch (GW) data is primarily extracted from AMANDA, the City's development case management system.  GW  data is not live, and is typically updated daily or some other period of time.  Customers can use Austin Build + Connect (ABC) to see live AMANDA data, and use Property Profile to view cases and other City GIS layers.


Download or view data by clicking on the following links.  See download instructions for the GIS and tables here. Online Maps are quick digital maps in ArcGIS online format.  ArcGIS and ArcPro users can add City GIS data including the Online Map files below by going here and clicking on the three dots after each layer.

Note that tables typically represent all cases, while the Export GIS datasets usually start from 2007, with the exception of building permits GIS, which covers the last ten years. The tables and the "Cases" GIS layers are typically updated daily. Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Driveway and Sidewalk Permits GIS and Online Maps are updated weekly. Data for these Permits are also covered in the Issued Construction Permits table. 

Title and Description Export GIS   Tables  Online Map 
Zoning Cases View GIS View Table View Map
Subdivision Cases View GIS View Table View Map
Site Plan Cases View GIS  View Table View Map
Issued Construction Permits   View Table  
Issued Building Permits View GIS   View Map
Issued Electrical Permits     View Map
Issued Mechanical Permits     View Map
Issued Plumbing Permits     View Map
Issued Driveway and Sidewalk Permits      View Map
Other Permits   View Online  


Title Updated
New Residential Development in Austin Daily
New Non-Residential Development in Austin  Daily
Demolitions in Austin Daily
Multi-family Report Quarterly