TCTA - Free Art Program taught by professional artists at 10 local recreation centers for 7th -12th graders Monday - Thursday 5 - 8 PM. Check online for specific times and locations at The City of Austin is proud to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require assistance for participation in our programs or use of our facilities, please call 512-974-3914.


Totally Cool Totally Art

Totally Cool Totally Art (TCTA) has been cultivating creative teens since 1996. TCTA is unique in that the classes are completely free to Austin's youth teen community. Teens will learn various techniques by working directly alongside professional artists. The program reinforces positive choices by offering art appreciation in a mentoring environment. TCTA is built to help give teens new experiences, build respect and trust, keep them out of trouble during high-risk after school hours and improve their skills in creative expression, communication, teamwork and arts appreciation.

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TCTA is going Virtual with Videos, DIY Projects and Lessons!


Fresh Threads

The textile and fibers world lends itself perfectly to so many art possibilities. We will be making everything from large scale group projects to individual mini fiber projects, and yes some fashion design also. This class will have a wide variety of textile projects aka weaving/ soft sculpture/ string art/ merchandising. Tools like sewing machines will be used to break down the art medium of “fibers”. You might even walk away from this class with a small business of your own!


Short Film

This class is guerilla film making at its most fun! From comedy to adventure, sitcom to music video, there are so many genres of video to play with and explore! Writing/ directing/ acting/ shooting/ and editing; there is a role for every personality type when making a film from start to finish. Quiet on the set, roll camera, action!



With brush and palette in hand, students will be given the freedom to explore the history of art all with the personal touch of your own self-expression. Simple yet effective techniques will be taught to enhance individual skills. We will explore art styles from the streets to the highest reaches of art history to tell our own stories though paint and pen and pencil. A universal class for all!



This class will be very “hands-on” where we will be exploring all types of mediums. From card board, to foam, mold making, paper-Mache, wood, etc. This “makers”/ tinkering style of class is for the inventors and builders of the future. Learning to use tools such as saws/ drills/ glues and “just your hands in general” to will your own ideas into reality is what this class is all about!


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Program Staff

TCTA Coordinator - Clint Hofmeister

(512) 978-2476

TCTA Specialist - Kelly Hasandras

(512) 978-2477

TCTA Marketing & Graphics - Hira Jethwa

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