The following documents and forms are for the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) community programs. They pertain to youth registration and participation, requests for accessibility accommodations and financial assistance, adult and family programs/events.

Participation Registration/Waiver

Waivers for participants must be completed and signed by an adult participant or the parent/guardian of a youth participant before the participant can attend a program. Participant waivers include emergency contact information, medical care and personal safety information, requests for accessibility accommodations, privacy policy, photo/video release and release of liability.

Participant Waiver (PDF) | Renuncia del Participante (PDF)

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook contains information about Youth Programs and is a must-read for parents/guardians of youth participants. It is updated regularly and as needed to contain the most up-to-date information. The current version also contains important information about COVID-19 safety and procedures.

Youth Programs Parent Handbook (PDF) | Manual para Padres sobre Los Programas Jovenes (PDF) 

Health & Wellness Program Participation Guidelines

Our top priority remains the safety, health and well-being of all participants, staff and the Austin Community. Please  take all necessary steps to ensure you and your family remain healthy and are reducing the risk of illness across the Parks and Recreation Department and at home. We are grateful for your participation in our programs and services. For information on COVID-19 and resources to keep you safe, please visit COVID-19 in Austin | or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC.

Local Standards of Care

Children’s programs/activities supervised by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and requiring enrollment registration in order to participate are not licensed by the state, but follow Local Standards of Care as adopted in the City of Austin Ordinance No. 20240404-047. A copy of the ordinance is available at each site.

Permission for Medication

If a child is taking a prescription or non-prescription medication during program hours, a Permission to Give Medication form must be completed. Every effort should be made by the parent/guardian to administer medication prior to or after program hours. If this is not possible, then staff will administer medication according to the information on the form. Staff will accept no more than a one-week supply of medication for a participant. 

  • Do not send the complete bottle of liquid, tablets or powder.
  • The medication must be provided in the original container with the following information:
    • child’s name
    • type of medication
    • time to be given and other specific instructions
    • (ask the pharmacy for an additional container with instructions). 
  • Staff may not administer medication that is not in its original container or past the expiration date on the container.
  • Staff will not administer injections with the exception of EPI pens.
Financial Assistance for Youth Programs

Financial Aid recipients receive a reduction in youth program registration costs within the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Scholarships are also available for those that qualify. For more information, visit:


Parks and Recreation Organizational Structure

The Austin Parks and Recreation Organizational Structure shows the various divisions and sub-divisions of the Department, the full-time employees therein, and the supervisors, manangers and assistance directors to whom they report.