Bird in a park


The Parks and Recreation Department's Office of Special Events coordinates reservations and filming requests at a number of facility and picnic sites within the Austin parks system. Contact the office at 512-974-6797 to set up a facility reservation

Parks and Recreation Department's (PARD) has extensive GIS databases that supports the department as a whole and other City of Austin Departments.  We utilize GIS for asset and maintenance management, park planning and design, parkland dedication, community gardens, mowing schedules and locations, forestry, historic resources, etc.

The City of Austin has developed a parks viewer using Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping technology that allows you to find parks and facilities in Austin. See a map in street or aerial view of a park by selecting the "streets" or "imagery" button in the top right corner. For additional features, select the "Menu" button in the middle of the screen.

The PARD planning process includes collaboration with community members to identify desired park or facility uses. These plans (formerly called "master plans") include District and Metropolitan Vision Plans, Concept Plans, Facily Plans, and Facility Expansion Plans (Terms and Definitions). PARD staff also reviews other adopted or recognized plans for consistency with the proposed plans.

Our team creates diverse programs and experiences in sustainable natural spaces and public places and offers essential support and maintenance services.

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department provides an online class schedule. You may search the site by location or by category and sort to find a particular program.

The department has observed a growing demand for use of City parklands by a variety of private commercial entities. Go to Commercial Use of Dedicated Parkland webpage.