ATIP has several programs that deter vehicle crimes.

68-A Inspections

Click here for more information or call 512-974-5265 to schedule an appointment. Please note that due to a change in the law, we've been experiencing hiring than normal requests for these inspections. We are scheduling farther out than usual.

Salvage Yard Inspection Program

Salvage Yards deal salvaged vehicles and used parts under state regulations. ATIP conducts inspections for compliance on laws and regulations on resale and demolition practices. ATIP also monitors repair shops and dealers for fraudulent and illegal activities. ATIP identifies and investigates the businesses and individuals involved in vehicle crimes.

Public Awareness

The Auto Theft Interdiction Project provides a Neighborhood Liaison for crime prevention initiatives. ATIP's community and media outreach programs increase public awareness about vehicle crimes. The Neighborhood Liaison sets up exhibition booths and presents at schools and community events. For more information on public awareness programs, please call (512) 974-5265.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching Program

The Auto Theft Interdiction Project provides free VIN etching for your vehicle. VIN etching is a permanent theft deterrent applied to all the windows of your vehicle. Thieves would have to replace every piece of traceable glass before selling it. This costs thieves extra time and money, enough for them to move on to easier targets. Some insurance agencies offer a discount if your vehicle has VIN etching.

Events are canceled in the event of rain, sleet, snow or freezing temperatures. Please call ATIP at (512) 974-5265 for more information.