Does your property have any environmental liabilities?

If a property has environmental concerns, nonprofits and developers can run into difficulty obtaining standard bank financing due to liability that transfers with the property.

Free Environmental Assessments

Completing a Phase I Site Assessment BEFORE the purchasing a property generally fulfills the All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) requirement. Fulfilling AAI is a critical step in protecting a future landowner from certain liability for contamination already on the property.

Brownfields Program Benefits

The City of Austin received a community-wide assessment grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. Grant funds are used to conduct no-cost Environmental Site Assessments to support reuse and redevelopment of land.

Who is eligible for this assistance?

Any entity may be eligible for an assessment.*

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Local governments
  • Quasi-governmental agencies
  • Redevelopment agencies
  • Profit making redevelopments that provide a community benefit

*Other eligibility criteria exist, please click the button below for more details.

For more information, contact the Brownfields Office:; 512-974-6085

If the Phase I identifies the possible contamination, Brownfields may provide a Phase II environmental investigation to inform you if contamination is present. If cleanup is necessary, Brownfields has a loan fund with low-interest, flexible financing for environmental clean-up.

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