Want a beautiful Central Texas garden that is good for your pocketbook and the environment?

Grow Green is a gardening education program that promotes sustainable landscaping practices. It addresses water quality and conservation, recycling, encourages using the right plant in the right place and the least impact-related way to address pest issues.

This program includes:

Native & Adapted Plant Guide for Central Texas


Rebates, Free Stuff and Grants to help your garden grow



Pest Information (Integrated Pest Management)


Landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance information

  • View demonstration gardens and design templates



Drainage Solutions



Grow Green - Recursos en Español


Fact Sheets

  • 23 Grow Green fact sheets on big picture and pest-related topics

Landscape Professionals


Map of Grow Green Distribution Locations

  • Nearly every nursery and some home improvement stores throughout Austin have the 23 Grow Green fact sheets and the very popular Native and Adapted Landscape Plant Guide. Click here for a map of locations where you can find Grow Green print materials.



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