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Watershed Protection protects lives, property and the environment of our community by reducing the impact of flood, erosion and water pollution.

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Rain to River

Rain to River is a strategic plan that will guide the work of the Watershed Protection Department for the next 10 years. Our department will use this plan to set goals, prioritize our work, and guide our decision making to tackle urgent challenges such as climate change and racial inequities. The plan will update and replace the current Watershed Protection Strategic Plan. We need your help to draft the plan!

Floodplain Remapping

The City of Austin, Travis County and other Central Texas communities are updating floodplain maps in the region based on the Atlas 14 study. Our current floodplain maps show where flooding is likely to occur with 10.2 inches of rainfall in 24 hours. The updated maps will reflect flooding from almost 13 inches of rain in some areas. This amount of rainfall has a one percent chance of occurring in any given year (the 100-year storm). Find out more about floodplain remapping efforts at

Drainage Charge: Rate Increase

The Watershed Protection Department has increased its drainage charge by 3.2% for the first time since 2015 to support rising cost of service for its operations. For a typical single-family home, the charge increased from $11.80 per month to $12.17 per month. The drainage charge is calculated by applying the rate to the amount and percent of impervious cover on the property. For more information, please visit

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