COVID-19 Permitting Office Closures

As part of Austin Transportation's concerted efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19, we are currently operating by appointment only until further notice.

To schedule an appointment or if you have any additional questions please contact staff at or by phone at (512) 974-2891.

To determine permit eligibility, area information, and renewal periods, check out the new Interactive RPP Eligibility Map below.  You can also review your street block Permit Eligibility Listing.

You can also view a larger map of residential parking permit eligibility. This map contains options to search for addresses, instructions on applying for permits and more.


  • There are two different renewal periods. We encourage residents to renew their permits before the expiration deadline below as there is no grace period for permits. Please check the street/zone/color district in the Permit Eligibility Listing to see what renewal period you are in.
    • Orange area permits (area around the University of Texas campus) expire July 31 of each year.
    • All other color area permits expire December 31 of each year.
  • There are two types of yearly permits: Visitor hang-tags and resident vehicle decals. No more than two visitor hang-tags can be purchased per residence.
  • Each household has a limit/max amount of permits and types of permits that can be purchased. Please check the Permit Eligibility Listing to verify how many permits/ permit types your residence can receive, prior to filling out an application.
  • Cost break down for permits, including sales tax:
    • 1st permit base cost $20.00 + $1.65 tax = $21.65
    • 2 permits base cost $45.00 + $3.71 tax = $48.71
    • 3 permits base cost $75.00 + $6.19 tax = $81.19
    • 4 permits base cost $110.00 + $9.08 tax = $119.08
    • 5 permits base cost $170.00 + $14.03 tax = $184.03
    • 6 permits base cost $240.00 + $19.80 tax = $259.80
  • Scratch-off day passes are $5 each, plus sales tax. Each eligible RPP residence can purchase day passes at the time of yearly permit purchase or at any time thought out the permit year. To be eligible for day passes, a resident has to have purchased yearly permits for their residence.

How to Apply for Permits

There are four options to complete the permitting process: online application, digital/email option, in-person appointment option, or mail-in option. See below for the instructions on each option.

Online Application (Preferred Option)

  1. Fill out the online application here and follow the instructions provided.

Digital/Email Option

  1. Fill out the application and attach copies of proof of residency and driver’s license to
  2. Payment can be handled in two ways:
    • Pay over the phone with credit card once application is verified by staff.
    • Schedule an appointment and pay in person at the Mobility Services Office (1501 Toomey Road, Austin, TX 78704) once you receive confirmation from City staff that permits are ready.
  3. Once payment is received, the permits will be mailed out to the address listed on the application.
  4. If picking up permits, an identification card is required for verification.

In-Person Appointment Option

  1. Schedule an appointment via email at or by phone at (512) 974-2891.
  2. Fill out the paper application:
  3. Once your appointment is confirmed please bring application, identification card, proof of residency, and payment (exact cash, credit cards, or checks payable to City of Austin) to:

    Mobility Services Office
    1501 Toomey Road
    Austin, TX 78704


  1. Fill out the paper application:
  2. Mail application, with copies of proof of residency, driver’s license and check or money order (payable to the City of Austin) to:

    Mobility Services Office
    1501 Toomey Road
    Austin, TX 78704

Please allow 7 to 10 business days, from the date application is received, for us to process your order and for return mail to receive your permits back. If you mail in your application with payment, please note that it will take a minimum of one week from the date the application is received for you to receive your permits. If the deadline has passed for your renewal date, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with the Mobility Services Office to obtain permits to avoid citations for expired permits.