Temporary Concession Permits
Permit Types/Fees

1. Temporary Concession Permits ($500-$1500/6-month period) The fee for operating for six months at a district or metropolitan park is $1,500 (district or larger) and $500 (other parks) for all other parks with approved applications. The fees will be paid in full at the time of contract execution.

2. Single Day Concession Permits ($50/day) The Parks and Recreation Department issues single day permits to vendors wishing to set up at (or outside of) a place in a park for a short-term event purpose.

3. Performing Artists in the Parks ($10/day) Performing artists are allowed to entertain in the parks provided they are registered with and approved by the Parks and Recreation Department.  The fee for performing artists is $10 per day, and permits may be purchased in two-week increments. Individuals wishing to perform as artists or entertainers in the park must adhere to the following rules.

Food, Beverage & Recreation Oriented Merchandise

The department issues various types of temporary concession permits required of vendors that seek to operate in a park for less than a year and do not require a permanent building. There are several requirements vendors must meet in order to become a temporary concessionaire.  Commercial Use Permits for training classes, exercise groups, or similar uses utilize a different permit process.

Tour Group Concession Permit Pilot Program - January 1 - December 31, 2019

The department is testing operations for land based tour group operations that would like to offer tours on City of Austin Parkland utilizing human powered transportation or with an ability to disable electric assist within park areas. The pilot period has ended and the department is evaluating and review the trial period.

Application Resource Documents

  • Insurance (pdf) - a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Austin as an additional insured party will be required. Vendors are required to show proof of comprehensive general and vehicle liability insurance.  Statutory workers' compensation insurance may be required; this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Standards of Operation (pdf) - Concession exterior expectations and public interaction standards
  • Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) Process (pdf)
  • Health Permit (if applicable) - All food sales require a certificate from the Austin Health and Human Services - Travis County Health Department. Contact them at 512-978-0300 for more information on how to obtain this certificate.
  • Sales Tax - All vendors are required to have a State of Texas sales and use permit. Contact the State Comptroller's Office at 800-252-5555 for more information on how to obtain this permit.
  • Sole Proprietor Letter (pdf) - TEMPLATE letter to be used by a sole proprietor who will complete the entire job by him/herself with no employees or subcontractors. The letter shall be written on the contractor's letterhead and be submitted with the certificate of insurance indicating coverage for all other lines of insurance required by the City of Austin.